The Orally Available Peptide That Repairs Tendon, Muscle, Intestines, Teeth, Bone and More in Vitro & Vivo


BPC-157 is being labelled as ‘the amazing protein’ and was taunted as the greatest advancement in modern medicine. Some articles referred to it as a designer drug and the FDA has not yet classified this drug. Big pharmacies is not even interested in it because it is not patentable. Whatever big pharma thinks, this one stands out, its an effective drug that can heal and cure human tissue and change surgical procedures.

Some of its positive
It can increase the healing of intestinal resectioning and reattach tendon to muscle and bone.
Its so unbelievable I’m taking direct quotes from the achilles tendon article: “tendon to bone could not be healed spontaneously, but it was recovered by this peptide.”

Thus, direct tendon-to-bone healing using stable nontoxic peptide BPC 157 without a carrier might successfully exchange the present reconstructive surgical methods.

Whatever your thinking, your right, BPC-157 can help YOU recover from gym injuries in less time. Although unlike Growth Hormone, Anavar, or steroidal healing drugs this actually reattaches tendon to bone in rats.

To Recap:

  • BPC 157 has been shown in rat studies to heal torn quadriceps muscles, detached achilles tendon, muscles that have been damaged/crushed
  • Dramatic fast recovery from muscle tears
  • Tendon to bone healing
  • Increased ligament healing
  • Has a variety of protective effects in the organs
  • Human trials demonstrate healing and prevention of stomach ulcers
  • No adverse reactions have been seen in human trials.

How BPC-157 Works

The main characteristics of healing are granulation tissue, angiogenesis and production of collagen. BPC-157 facilitates angiogenesis. Angio (vessel) genesis (formation) is the formation of vessels. No, seriously its that dumb. Take any 2 words, say them out of order in greek and/or Latin and you get the medical term.

BPC-157 acts by modulating Vaso Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) which is the growth factor that causes capillaries to grow into a new area to carry blood and nutrients. This is how healing happens, through blood flow. This only occurred in actual tendon and muscle tissue, in cell cultures BPC-157 did not affect VEGF or healing.

Typically Blood supply to an ulcer and a tendon is low, so ulcers don’t heal and neither do tendons. But with a drug which can increase healing in tendons athletes can break through new plateaus without the same trepidation that their body may fall apart if they lift to heavy.


Experiments saw results with oral, peritoneal, and site injections. 10 micrograms per kg was the dose in rats for these results. This means oral or injection makes no difference, with a tiny bit of this healing becomes a whole lot easier.

200mcg being a medium dose up to 500mcg … depending on severity of issue ( if severe) dose 2x a day at 350 mcg totaling 700 mcg.

Since BPC-157 is a research chemical, it is illegal to sell to humans for human use. The best legal option for tendon healing is Joint Fixx or Eq, the best option for general muscle repair is Pr or Te depending if your cutting or bulking respectively, and GHenerate before each workout and bed will also cause increased healing rate.

How to take Sublingual or injected:

BPC 157 is both, you can do IM or subq as close as you can to the injection site, preferably around 1-4 inches away to yield the most benefit to the injured area


BPC-157 can be run for 4 weeks, followed by a 2 week rest. after this if you are still not feeling 100% itll be safe to run another course of BPC-157.


Gently alcohol swab the stopper, then let it dry, same goes with the BAC water vial. Dose out the correct amount of BAC water. Slowly put the needle in… then slowly but surely inject the BAC water along side the vial making sure you do not indirectly inject on the peptide powder. Once you have done the first dose and the powder is essentially mixed, you can inject on the BAC water, that is fine. Note* this is done with 2mls of bac water, that would be 2 whole 1ml/1cc insulin syringes.


Thymosin beta 4


Keep away from UV/sunlight. It can stay in room temp for up to 10 weeks, however for best storage/results store in a fridge and use until vial is run out then discard of. For other BPC 157, they can stay in the fridge too as they’ll last up to 6 months, whereas if you had more you can store in the freezer (up to 2 years).

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside. The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only. All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise. Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.