One Arm Bench Press

This is an advanced strengthening exercise for the chest and rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder.


  1. Lie flat on a bench with your feet placed firmly on the floor and your abs drawn in.
  2. Grasp the dumbbell in one hand and bring it up to the side of your chest, this is starting position.
  3. Extend your arm, pressing the dumbbell up till your arm is straight and your elbow locked.
  4. Using slow controlled movements, lower the weight to starting position.
  5. Switch arms after completing reps with one arm.
  6. Repeat.


Ensure your hips and back remain in contact with the bench at all times during this exercise.

Start with a lighter weight in order to perfect the exercise technique and then when progressing onto a heavier weight you should be spotted to ensure safety and injury prevention.

Exercise images by Everkinetic.