Follow these tips for a successful half marathon at the upcoming Lazada Run 2023!

To prepare for the upcoming Lazada Run, Lazada held two Community Wellness Events for our friends from Fit Moms PH (left) and our buddies from Takbo PH (right). The Fit Moms PH community took a Pilates class at Onelife Studio while the Takbo PH community did a weekend practice run.

On July 2, 2023 at the SM Mall of Asia, Lazada will be having the Lazada Run. To those who haven’t joined yet, it’s your last chance to sign-up tomorrow, June 27! Don’t forget to register here: LazRun Registration Link. 

For those who took on the challenge of doing a 21KM run for the first time–we know that it is absolutely exciting and all the more will it be rewarding. It’s a great goal to have and a challenging distance to conquer. However, a half marathon is not something where you go to “wing it.” The key to a successful 21KM run is to consistently train and put in the work to get your body accustomed to running for a long period of time. To get started, here are 5 tips to help you accomplish victory for your 21KM run.

1. Do practice runs

To accomplish a great distance such as a 21KM run, you will need to start from a shorter distance such as a 5KM run and build up to your goal distance. What you will need the most is endurance. For solid endurance, you will need to create a plan that will work for you. A general guideline is to commit to a training schedule such as doing around 3-4 weekly runs. Each session, you may keep increasing your pace and distance as you build up to 21KM. 

2. Stretch!

Obviously, getting cramps or aches during a 21KM run is the worst! To prevent this, you will need a good amount of flexibility and mobility in order to prevent you from hurting your muscles. Accomplish this by stretching before and after runs. Of course, you will need to warm up your muscles before doing some stretching. Never stretch cold! Do any type of exercise that is suitable for you before you stretch. This way, you will be primed for a long distance run.

3. Stay hydrated!

Always stay hydrated before, during and after a race. When you run, you sweat, so you will lose electrolytes and this can impact your performance. To compensate for the minerals you will lose, go for an electrolyte sports drink, but of course, water is fine as well. There isn’t a hard and fast rule on how everyone should hydrate, but you must learn what is best for your body with the help of your coach or a medical practitioner. 

Running a long distance can be scary and oftentimes, your worst enemy is yourself. It’s you against your own mind out there. Always make sure you’re in an optimal mind space before the gun starts. You can do this by doing deep breathing exercises or any form of meditation that works for you. You might have negative thoughts, but always assure yourself that it is not the reality. Accept those thoughts and let them go. Rather than stressing out, focus on the process and enjoy the event!

5. Before the actual run, don’t forget to put on sunscreen!

Runs are held outdoors and living in a country such as the Philippines, it can get very sunny! SPF is often forgotten and foregoing the sunscreen can lead to some nasty burns. For sunscreen that can last the longest runs while you sweat like crazy, make sure to choose one that is sweat and waterproof with at least an SPF 50. You can take your pick of sports sunscreens from amazing brands such as Supergoop, Anessa, Nivea, Pond’s and Neutrogena! All are available at 50% OFF on June 26 for Lazada’s Super Category Day.
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