CrossFit for Football is a distinct program composed of several exercises that focuses on the development of strength, stamina, and conditioning of soccer and football players.

Unlike many indoor sports, football requires athletes to perform at their maximum level, considering that the area where the sport is played is so wide and extensive and most of the time, they are exposed to the wind and natural temperature outside. Strength, stamina, and conditioning are the focal points of the program and the exercises we will mention here are best for players in soccer and football.

CrossFit for football is ideal for all kinds of player profiles. Young or old, men or women, as long as the sport is football, this program will help the athlete out with mostly all areas of their bodies that need to be developed for the sport. So what are the exercises that comprise the program?

There is no other exercise program out there that enables athletes and players to perform at the top level even when they’re tired, drained, and exhausted than Crossfit for football. If you are interested in learning the program, here is a breakdown of some of the exercises:

Shuttle Drill

In this exercise, the player is required to run 30 feet, turn and plant, run in back again but this time doubling it to 60 feet, turn and plant again, and sprint back to the original starting line. The total distance covered in this exercise is 120 feet.

Gasser (1/2)

The player starts the routine by staying at the sideline. He then runs down to the opposite sideline which he needs to plant. After that, he has to run back again to the original sideline for a total of two trips covering the distance from sideline to sideline.

Gasser (1/4)

This is the same exercise as the previous one, but the only difference is that the player doesn’t need to go back to the original sideline.

Bench Press

The bench press is a quite common exercise routine that’s very advantageous when it comes to functional movement and flexibility for soccer players.


Tabata is an extremely strict and rigorous version of an exercise routine that’s well suited not only for soccer and football players but for lifters and sprinters as well. It is very effective and demanding and can dramatically develop anaerobic and aerobic pathways. Determine the kind of exercise you want to perform and then do as many repetitions as you can in twenty seconds. After that, allow the player to breathe and relax for another ten seconds and then repeat again seven more times.

Rack Thruster

The player starts with a bar placed at the back. He then performs a squat. As the player comes up from below, he parallel drives the bar off his back in a locked position overhead.


Of course, who would not include the burpee? It is a popular exercise meant for athletes of different disciplines. It starts by standing upright, squatting down, and placing the hands shoulder-width apart from each other. Next is jumping back to a push-up stance and then performing a push-up. Jump again into a squat stance and finally jump high and clap your hands overhead.

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