THE DOUBLE D INTERVIEW (photos restored and upscaled)


In Season
Two to three times a day workout. No rest day. One and a half hours per session. One body part per session. Abdominals are done every day.

More or less my daily program goes like this
Wake up at 6am. Eat. Workout from 7am-8:30am. Eat. Shower. Do house chores. Eat at 11am. Workout from 12noon-1:30pm. Shower. Eat. Sleep.
Wake up at 5pm. Eat. Workout from 6pm-7:30pm. Shower. Eat. Check email. Eat. Sleep at 12midnight.

Off Season
Once to two times a day workout. No rest day. For once a day, between two and half hours to three hours and 40 minutes per session. Three body parts per session. Abdominals are done every day. Sleep is done straight eight hours. Three to four meals a day. For twice a day, two hours or less per session. One to two to three body parts per session. Abdominals are done every day. Sleep is done six hours a night and then two hours in the afternoons. Four to five meals a day.

Chest. Back. Shoulders. Biceps. Triceps. Forearms. Legs. Calves. Abdominals.


In Season:
Tuna. Chicken Breasts. Egg whites. Bananas. Apples. Grapes. Oranges. Kamote/Potatoes/Wheat Noodles/Wheat bread. Distilled water.

Off Season
Eat anything. Everything. Mostly beef. But I always have bananas and egg whites every day still. Skim milk. Distilled water. Noodles. Rice.
Simple. Only two words. Determination and Discipline.

Don’t rush. The more time spent in bodybuilding, the more muscles you produce. Concentrate in proper execution and the program specially created for you.

Don’t copy another bodybuilder’s program. Our muscles are like the tree trunk. Every year, a ring develops which makes it wider and bigger. Our muscles have layers too. Every year your work out, you develop new layers.


For more protein intake: Creatine Monohydrates. Whey Protein. All vitamins are taken from natural foods. I don’t take commercially produced vitamins.

Keep away from all vices namely: smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling and fooling around. How? Get into sports. Results are quite rewarding not only physically, but also mentally, socially and spiritually. Sports develop a good character in a person.

It is a foundation sport. All sports need to build some muscles in certain specific areas. For example, running needs muscles in the leg areas. In rowing, the arms and muscles around the torso for forwarding and backward movement. In basketball, the arms, shoulders and calves. In Tennis, shoulders, arms, thighs, and calves. All these sports require weights to build specific muscles that they use all the time in their particular sport. Athletes develop more speed and more motion through using treadmill and other equipment in the gym. Once you are in bodybuilding, you can indulge in practically almost most sports. Name it. Swimming, throws (shotput, javelin, hammer & discus), tennis, rowing, gymnastics, etc.

And it is the most “beautiful” sport. Compared to other sports, bodybuilders stand out in crowds because of their beautiful and very impressive body form.

If you want to make “magic”, please don’t take steroids and other drugs to build your muscles. It is very true that these miracle drugs do great results in a very short span of time in bodybuilders who use them. But in the “long” term or shall we say in the long run, you lose plenty…..your life. Always remember and just stick to Sylvia Marri Stone’s Magic Double D’s: Determination and Discipline. These are all it takes to build an impressive body. In time, you will be greatly rewarded in doing so. You live longer and you stay healthy all throughout.

Thanks to Ironpinoy. I am mighty obliged to have been part of this site. Feel free to ask more questions. God bless to all.

Bodybuilding Titles Won:

Miss Philippines Bodybuilding, Over-All Champion, Year 1996, Cebu City, Philippines
Miss Asia Bodybuilding, Bronze Medalist, Year 1996, Macau
Miss Asia Bodybuilding, Silver Medalist, Year 1999, Kazakhstan
Miss Asia Bodybuilding, Third Runner Up, Year 2000, Singapore
Miss Asia Bodybuilding, Fourth Runner Up, Year 2001, South Korea
Miss Asia Bodybuilding, Bronze Medalist 2002, Mainland China

Recognition :
Only Female Member, Philippine National Bodybuilding Team
1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Philippine National Bodybuilding Athlete
Part-Time Jobs: Character Actress; Model; Dance/Posing, Bodybuilding and Swimming Personal Trainor and Coach; Bouncer; Close-in Bodyguard.
Dance/Posing Routine Instructor/Coach: 1997-Present
Swimming Team Coach and Instructor: 1990-1996
Personal Trainor: 1990-Present
FINA Accredited Swimming Judge
Bodybuilding Personal Trainor: 1997- Present