The Vermosa Green Run has undeniably emerged as an extraordinary event that celebrates the joy of running, love for the environment, and the cherished companionship of our canine friends.

With its success and the resolute commitment of the organizers to continue this tradition annually, the Green Run is poised to inspire countless individuals to embrace fitness, eco-consciousness, and a zestful lifestyle. Running enthusiasts, nature lovers, and pet owners alike eagerly anticipate the next edition, eagerly awaiting another heartwarming experience in the sprawling beauty of Vermosa Estate.

The Vermosa Green Run, held in the scenic landscapes of Imus, Cavite, Philippines, witnessed an incredible gathering of 2,500 runners and 256 enthusiastic dogs. This second edition of the event not only promoted fitness and fun but also instilled a deep commitment to the environment by recycling plastic bottles on-site. Featuring a range of distances, from 3K to 21K, the Green Run also introduced a new 1K Dog Run, which saw numerous dog owners bonding with their four-legged companions in a joyous adventure. Let’s delve into the heartwarming experience of this fitness event that celebrates the love for running, the environment, and our furry friends.

Uniting Fitness and Environmental Consciousness

Inspired by the overwhelming response to the inaugural Green Run, the organizers decided to bring it back for a second edition. In 2022, people showed immense eagerness to embrace an active lifestyle and return to their normal routines. The positive feedback led to numerous requests for another event in the subsequent year. Responding to the growing popularity of Vermosa as a recreational spot for families and individuals, the organizers introduced the 1K Dog Run, recognizing the significance of pets in people’s lives.

Vermosa Project Development Manager, Moses Aragones, expressed delight in the event’s success and the remarkable support from the community. He asserted that the Green Run would become an annual tradition in the vast, pollution-free expanse of Vermosa Estate, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Running for a Better Life

The Green Run not only provided an excellent opportunity for physical activity but also acted as a platform for mental well-being. Among the participants was the entertainment celebrity Valeen Montenegro of GMA, an avid supporter of the Green Run and a dedicated runner. In the previous year’s event, she conquered her first half marathon, and this year, she broke her personal record for the 10K run, achieving a Sub 1 pace.

Valeen extolled the manifold benefits of running, both for the body and the mind. Emphasizing its cardiovascular advantages, she highlighted how running efficiently burns calories while simultaneously strengthening bones and muscles. Endurance and the famous “runner’s high” are additional perks that enrich the experience. Moreover, she revealed that running played a pivotal role in managing stress, improving her sleep quality, and boosting her energy levels throughout the day.

The Green Run earned accolades not just for the physical challenges it offered but also for the encouraging and safe atmosphere that enveloped the event. Valeen praised the organizers for creating an environment that empowered participants and promoted camaraderie among fellow runners.

Vermosa Estate: A Thriving Center for Active Living

Spanning an impressive 740 hectares, Vermosa Estate stands as Ayala Land Estates’ fourth-largest development, poised to be the newest growth center in the southern region. Designed as a complete mixed-use complex, it mirrors Ayala Land’s commitment to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through state-of-the-art sports facilities and recreational spaces. The estate encompasses residential areas, commercial malls, office spaces, educational institutions, places of worship, entertainment venues, sports facilities, government centers, and business process outsourcing hubs.

A Green Commitment

In alignment with its dedication to environmental sustainability, Vermosa pledged a portion of the Green Run’s proceeds to Haribon Foundation’s Adopt-a-Seedling Program. By doing so, the event sought to raise awareness about the vital need to preserve life on our planet while encouraging individuals to lead healthier and happier lives.

Sponsorship and Support

The success of the Green Run 2023 was made possible through the generous support of various sponsors and partners. Noteworthy names like FPG Insurance, MILO Philippines, SunLife, JGO Mart, Doggo Flask, Alaxan, Seda Hotel Nuvali, Merrell, Fitbar, Runnr, Toby’s, Pocari Sweat, Oishi, Equal Sugar, Healtway Qualimed Hospital, and Immuntab Multivitamins joined hands to contribute to this remarkable event.