Last Updated on November 12, 2023

A new twist to what was used to be just a bodybuilding show. Organizers of the event tied up with NABBA-WFF through the efforts and influence of Bong Pico of Iron Pinoy and the organizer herself Georgen Dela Cuesta. The event added new categories such as Physique, Fitness, and Bikini Categories.

Prior to the event itself, Saturday, 14th of December 2013 held at AMBASSADOR IN PARADISE RESORT & HOTEL. One of the 5 stars hotels in Boracay owned and operated by a Swedish citizen Joop Van Der Tak located in District One of Boracay. Prior to the event, the Visayas region suffered two major calamities the earthquake at Bohol and the recent Haiyan or Yolanda which hits most part of the Visayas. The main hit was Tacloban but even Boracay itself suffered the aftermath. Most of the resorts and hotels are still generator powered and even during the event itself the electricity used was through generator sets. Georgen Dela Cuesta even had a hard time sourcing out sponsors and supporters to assure the success of the event but still despite the odds the outcome was a success and went even beyond expectation.

BORACAY BODYBUILDING, PHYSIQUE, & BIKINI CHAMPIONSHIPS have a total number of 17 participants with two enlisting in two categories making a total of 19 entries. The format used was of international standard which all was fast-paced. The pre-judging is where when athletes embarked on their first battle for the day in which the judges pre-qualified all competitors and checked from the symmetry, proportion and muscularity. Comparisons per competitor per category were also tedious and each participant underwent scrutiny. At night, competitors strut their stuff on the ramp, their individual posing routine, and special awards were given. As tournament director, I was caught surprised when I saw the number of spectators in which the venue was packed. best of all the weather was great the skies were clear and no drop of rain ever occurred that night.

All are in anticipation of the BORACAY PHYSIQUE, BODYBUILDING, FITNESS and BIKINI 2014. Still it will be sanctioned under NABBA-WFF the first in the world to introduce the world of physique and fitness.


1st – 5 – Juan Paolo Grino
2nd – 4 – Melozer Daniel
3rd – 9 – Jeabon Gonzales
4th – 8 – Ricky Macawile
5th – 7 – Joseph Magay
6th – 3 – Albert Dapia
7th – 1 – Bernie Dequina
8th – 6 – John Paul Mark Bosque
9th – 2 – Antonio Cuadrate Samboans

Bodybuilding Under 70kilos
1st – 10 – Juan Paolo Grino
2nd – 12 – Jomel Macuha
3rd – 15 – Arnolfo dela Pena
4th – 11 – Jomar Bolesa
5th – 14 – Eduardo Rafael
6th – 13 – Dan Cristian Dela Cruz

Bodybuilding Above 70kilos
1st – 17 – Richard Mondoi – overall
2nd – 16 – Samuel Hufana
3rd – 18 – Ricky Macawile

19 – Bonn Marjo Jestre

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