Last Updated on January 22, 2024

FAME athlete Dr. Amanda Diep is taking a proactive approach, she has created posters and calendars of mostly FAME Fitness and Bikini models as part of a fundraising effort.

Dr. Amanda announced “We are fundraising for my trip to the Philippines to volunteer for 3 weeks in a medical clinic in a city known as ‘Garbage City’. People that live there literally survive on the garbage that are dumped daily. The team of medical practitioners that I’m with also do outreach programs. We have been booked already for three different jail visits, as well, we’re heading up the mountains to tend to villages that do not have access to medical care. My personal goal is to fundraise over $2,500.00 to purchase a van and CB radio to create an ambulance/emergency system for them. “

A ‘Meet and Greet’ with the Calendar Models is set to take place at Melrose on Oct 10th to autograph and sell the calendars. Some of the calendar models include FAME athletes Jacqueline Vos, Nicky Taylor, Naomi Teevens, Shannon Delves, Jen Flontek, Cara Fullerton, Stephanie Law, Natalie Minh, and Eva Sefcova.

Dr. Amanda stated ‘It’s about healing hands and hearts. We’re using our fitness accomplishment – BodyProud, to make a difference =) These ladies ROCK!!”

Join the fundraising efforts by attending the meet and greet at Melrose Cafe & Bar (730 – 17th Ave. SW, Calgary AB) or learn more about how you can help by getting to know Dr. Amanda Diep by visiting her profile.