As part of our wrestling feature to honor our South East Asian Games gold medalist in wrestling we will be discussing how a wrestling strength training program could be implemented to help you achieve your bodybuilding goals. Wrestler’s are known for having one of the most athletic and also among the leanest right up there with the bodybuilders, sprinters.

Energy System:
Wrestling is similar to bodybuilding in the energy system that they use. Their activities require you to be engaged in continuous motions like doing reps of an exercise for bodybuilders and holding an opponent for wrestling. It taxes the lactic acid system. That is the burn you feel when doing high reps of an exercise.

The program
High volume work is what we are going to utilize. One of the most specific program for this is the GVT or German Volume Training for people who want high fancy terms or simply 10sets of 10. This program was also discussed in the first issue of Iron Pinoy magazine and updated on the 2nd issue with the UHVT.

With the change of the rules in Wrestling, it is now shorter and requires more explosiveness we will be upgrading the 10×10 method and apply compound sets. The problem with the 10×10 is its very effective in adding size but sometimes strength takes a back seat because it’s hard to do high reps with a heavy load. It’s hard on the joints and could cause pattern overload similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is a compound set? Compound sets are 2 exercises done in one set back to back with no rest in between exercise. With the compound set method we could hit 2 things at once. Improve strength while developing strength endurance.

Sample Program:
Day1 Legs Squats-Lunges
Load: Squat(Moderate-heavy), Lunges (Light-moderate) Set:10 Reps: 5-5
Rest between sets: 1-2min

Load: Deadlift(Moderate-heavy), Leg curl (Light-moderate) Set:10 Reps: 5-5
Rest between sets: 1-2min

Day2 Chest and Back
Bench press- Incline Dumbell press
Load: Bench Press(Moderate-heavy), Incline DB Press (Light-moderate) Set:10 Reps: 5-5 Rest between sets: 1-2min

Barbell Row-Pullups
Load: Barbell Row(Moderate-heavy), Pullups(BW) Set:10 Reps: 5-max
Rest between sets: 1-2min

Shoulders and Arms
Push Press – DB Laterals
Load: Push Press(Moderate-heavy), Laterals (Light-moderate)
Reps: 5-5
Rest between sets: 1-2min

Bicep-Tricep Superset: DB supinating Curl – Tricep Press down
Load: moderate
Reps: 10-10
Rest between sets: 30sec-1min

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Carlomagno Canta,CSCS is a freelance strength coach and certified strength and conditioning specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and an advisor in Men’s Health Philippines. Has handled the strength and conditioning of some local and international MMA fighters, wrestlers. Handled some members of the Philippine Team when he was still a volunteer in the Philippine Center for Sports Medicine (PCSM). Sixto Carlos is the head of Carlos Hermanos school of Arnis and has taught the Philippine Scout Rangers and Philippine Marines about stick and knife fighting.