By Jerry Hill

If you loved the “300 workout” and found the “Beowulf workout” to be a perfectly painful challenge then you’ll also enjoy this lung burner called “Dirty 30”. This is another high intensity interval strength training workout that produces dramatic results when attacked with an “all in” attitude. It takes a lot of power, endurance, and mental toughness to gut through it in record time.

“Jerry Hill’s Dirty 30 CrossFit Workout”

*30 reps each once through for time*

Kettlebell Swing (35lb Women – 55lb Men)

Wallball (12W – 15M)

Box Jump (26″W – 32″M)

Hang Clean to a Push press (55W – 75M)


Jumping Pullup

Kettlebell High Pull (52W – 70M)

Jumping Slamball (12W – 15M)

Dumbbell Situp and Press (15W – 25M)


*Scaled the load as need*

If you can perform the workout with the prescribed weights here are some times to shoot for:

Sub 15 minutes: Off the charts, you are a fitness legend!

15-17 minutes: Not many fitter than you

17-19: Capable of tough tasks, you’re in top shape

19-21: Right there, almost at the top level

21+ Keep working on you conditioning, you are almost there!

Kettlebell Swing

Tip: Keep your spine extended, chest up Dip the hips back, letting the Kettlebell naturally fall underneath you – Explosively drive your hips forward to the Kettlebell – the goal is to create momentum and elevation so the Kettlebell becomes weightless – absorb the force of the returning Kettlebell by dipping your hips back again and quickly re-direct forward again. Standard: The Kettlebell should be swung high enough so it’s out of your direct line of vision – Hands convincingly above head level.


Tip: Squat with a medicine ball held High and Close to your chest. As you explosively rise out of the squat continue your vertical momentum and aggressively throw the medicine ball to an 8-10 foot target. With hands held high catch the ball on the rebound and continue the cycle for multiple repetitions. Keep the movement fluid and cyclic. Standard: Squat to slightly below parallel Use a barrier if you want a consistent standard of depth.

Box Jump

Tip: Explosively jump up on a bench, mats, or box – stick your landing and come to a standing position – hop back down or step backwards down – repeat process. Standard: Fully extend your hips at the top (STAND UP!)

Hang Clean to a Push Press

Tip: Hang power clean Stand with barbell – grip should be slightly outside the thighs Quickly dip the bar until it touches mid-thigh Keep your shoulders over the bar with spine extended Jump up, extending the hips, shrug the shoulders, keep bar close to body Arms are straight – They don’t bend until your hips are fully extended As bar is elevated quickly dip under it, whip elbows under and around the bar and catch bar on your shoulders Push Press From the above catch position (hips are dipped slightly) jump and punch the barbell to the overhead position of support Standard: Correct overhead position of support is “elbows in ear”. Oh and, Rest Later…


Tip: Start in arms straight, body tight, plank pushup position Keep your head up, neck neutral – draw navel in Bend arms, keep body straight, drop chest, hips, and chin to the ground All 3 should touch at the same time Extend arms, keep body straight, stay tight. Standard: Chest, Hips, Chin touch the ground at the same time Arms fully extended (straight) at the top

Jumping Pullups

Tip: Grab a chin-up bar, rope, or tree branch so that your feet still touch the ground and your arms are almost straight overhead but not locked – jump with your legs and pull with your arms simultaneously until you get your chin over your hands. Standard: Jump and pull fist’s to chest – Arms extended on the bottom

Kettlebell High Pull

Tip: First time exercisers can pick up the basic movement of the Highpull in a few minutes. However, most people tend to muscle the Kettlebell making it a segmented movement. Instead, try to create momentum and elevation on the Kettlebell using vertical hip drive. Standard: Let the Kettlebell touch the ground for each repetition Bring KB to throat, keep elbows high

Jumping Slamball

Tip: Jump up with a medicine ball, arms straight overhead (full extension) and then SLAM the BALL on the ground. Quickly drop your butt down and go straight into squat in order to catch the Medicine ball at the bottom; both are essential to get all the benefits of this movement. Once you get rolling you can really get into a rhythm of jumping up (full extension) and slam down. *Warning* You need a special Slamming medicine ball to do this movement. Most traditional Medicine balls bounce too much – If you slam a bouncing medicine ball it will come back up and knock you out, break your nose, or bust your teeth! The same movement of Jumping straight up then landing down in a squat can be duplicated by hanging on to the Medicine ball and tapping it on the ground. Standard: Arms straight at top Hips low at the bottom (full squat)

Dumbbell Situp and Press

Tip: Hold Dumbbell by Ends, start on chest As you situp start to press the weight Finish the movement with arms straight over your head fully seated Standard: Get to the proper overhead position of support Elbows in ears


Tip: Squat down, place hands on ground wider than the feet – shoot your legs back until you are in a top pushup position, perform a pushup Quickly hop your feet forward back to the hands on ground squat position Jump up and reach into the air Standard: Full Pushup – Full extension on the Jump (be aware of forward lean/piking on jump)


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