Josephine So specializes in getting women of all ages into the best shape of their lives, has an incredible amount of energy, replenished constantly with good health and compatible habits. It is the key to managing the hectic pace of being Josephine So. She has competed in fitness and figure competitions and starred on stage as one highly respected and regarded totally packaged fitness icon in locals and internationals, in hit TV Fitness series, and in event specials. Also, one top passionate nutrition expert from the Philippines is dedicated to educating people on how to live a longer, healthier life and how to look younger and longer. Josephine has written and published her book, “Josephine’s Steel Recipes for the Champions.” She is a keynote public speaker for Teens Nutrition at De La Salle Santiago Zobel, Ayala Alabang, Spokesperson for Health Style in local media stations, as well as a member of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition in the United States.

She wrote and published her first book Josephine’s Steel Recipes for the Champions and has also her written in Women’s Health Magazine and has been featured in top magazines such as Total Woman, Health Today, and Metro Magazine. She has been one of the outstanding health and fitness contributors to Beast Skills Utah Body Team, the USA in Bodyweight Skill Integration and advancing the science of athletic performance to sculpt your body without weights.

At par with all her achievements and blessed with a very good-hearted spouse and two proud sons aged 22 and 19 years old, both professionals with high values, all her angles are in transparency to make things happen. She is being followed, loved, and admired by so many people you know or behind you because her ability to deliver is always at her best. Her belief? Good health can do it all.

Talk description – Presentation in Total Package (Photoshoots, TV, and Stage)
Women’s Fitness and Figure Competition – Tips for Training, Makeup, Posing, and Stage Presence. Topics will cover how to prepare for fitness and/or figure competitions. This includes her recommendations for what you should wear during competitions and how to practice your competition routines the right way. If you’ve ever had a question about figure competition training and what it REALLY takes to succeed, then you will find it in the camp. If it’s not there, then trust me, you don’t need to know it.