Last Updated on June 16, 2024

Life Time, a leading health and wellness company, is celebrating this special occasion by sharing valuable insights from three of their top personal trainers. These trainers, who are also dedicated fathers, offer practical tips to help dads lead healthier and more impactful lives. From mental health to setting routines and healthy eating, these tips are designed to inspire positive change.

Consistency Trumps Perfection with Workouts

Cliff Edberg, Senior Director of MIORA Performance + Longevity at Life Time, emphasizes the importance of consistency over perfection when it comes to workouts. As a father of two young children, ages 3 ½ and 12 weeks, Edberg understands the challenges of balancing fitness with parenting. He advises dads to be flexible with their expectations and to adapt their workouts to fit their busy schedules.”Life changes with each stage of your children’s life, and you need to be nimble with your expectations,” Edberg says. “Workouts might get shortened or missed, and that doesn’t mean you fall off or throw your hands up. It means doing your best each day to adapt and do the best you can for yourself and for your family.”Edberg’s approach is to focus on being consistent with his workouts rather than striving for perfection. This mindset helps him stay committed to his fitness goals while also being present for his family.

Remember to Ask for Help When You Need It

David Freeman, Senior Director of Alpha at Life Time, highlights the importance of mental health and the power of vulnerability. As a busy father of two children, ages 10 and 8, Freeman knows the pressures that come with balancing work, family, and personal well-being. He encourages dads to give themselves grace and to ask for help when needed.”Giving yourself grace and asking for help truly unlocks your true superpower, which is being vulnerable,” Freeman says. “You cannot be optimal in what you are doing daily as a man if you are spread thin.”Freeman prioritizes exercising 4-5 days a week and carves out time each day for spiritual connection to stay centered and mentally equipped. His biggest advice for men is a reminder that it’s okay to ask for help and prioritize mental health. By doing so, dads can better manage their responsibilities and maintain their well-being.

Move Every Day and Set a Positive Example for Your Kids

Bob Holper, a Dynamic Personal Trainer at Life Time, underscores the importance of daily movement and setting a positive example for children. With nearly 30 years of experience as a trainer and as a father of three adult children, ages 29, 27, and 24, Holper believes that kids learn more from their parents’ actions than their words.”Kids learn more from what they see from their parents, compared to being told what to do,” Holper says. “As a parent, I feel you can always have a balance in keeping your own health as a priority and still being a good parent spending quality time with your kids.”Holper advises dads to find time for themselves each day to get some movement in. While strength training should be a priority, even simple activities like taking a walk can make a significant difference. He also emphasizes the importance of eating clean, natural foods. By setting a good, healthy example, dads can instill lifelong healthy habits in their children.

Life Time’s Commitment to Health and Wellness

Life Time is dedicated to supporting individuals on their fitness journeys, whether they prefer working out in one of their 170+ athletic country clubs or through their digital membership, which is now complimentary for anyone to download. The company’s mission is to empower people to live healthy, happy lives through a range of programs and information available via the Life Time Digital app.In addition to offering fitness programs, Life Time also provides a variety of healthy gifts for dads year-round through their LT Shop website. Their Father’s Day Gift Guide features a selection of items designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

About Life Time

Life Time (NYSE: LTH) is a health and wellness pioneer with a portfolio of more than 170 athletic country clubs across the United States and Canada. The company delivers a range of healthy way of life programs and information through its complimentary Life Time Digital app. Life Time’s communities and ecosystem serve people from 90 days to 90+ years old and are supported by a team of more than 39,000 dedicated professionals. In addition to delivering top-notch programs and experiences through its clubs, Life Time owns and produces nearly 30 of the most iconic athletic events in the country.

On Father’s Day, it’s an excellent opportunity for dads to reflect on their health and wellness. The tips shared by Life Time’s personal trainers—Cliff Edberg, David Freeman, and Bob Holper—offer valuable insights into maintaining physical and mental well-being while balancing the demands of fatherhood. By prioritizing consistency, asking for help, and setting a positive example, dads can lead healthier, more impactful lives and inspire their children to do the same.