Last Updated on November 5, 2023

Before I realized to be a bodybuilder, I used to be engaged with a lot of sports because I had asthma. Sports like: martial arts, volleyball, table tennis and i had been a varsity player in basketball for 4 years when i was in high school.

In my college days i was a vocalist with a local band and was into night life, beer, drugs,etc. It was like hell. And because of that I got married at an early age of 18. So, I stopped studying and started looking for work to feed my baby. I worked as a service crew, clerk, waiter, bagger at a Department Store, etc. But, still i was into drugs at that time.

In 2003 my friend encouraged me to go with him to workout. At that time I was 118 lbs. But, I was not interested to be a bodybuilder. Plainly I just wanted to get buffed and add some weight. After a few months of rigid workout, it became a habit for me. I got motivated when I started buying bodybuilding magazines and especially when I saw on TV which featured the 1st Filipino who won a world title that year. “Mr. Jerick Ternida” which even won the 1st Filipino who won an over-all title in the year 2008. He was my idol. And even became a good friend.

After seeing him on TV i was inspired and motivated. I even do research and study everything about bodybuilding. The programs the meal plans. Then i realized it’s all about nutrition and proper lifestyle. I finally stopped taking drugs and lessen drinking alcohol. I even looked for a gym that would suite my goal. A hardcore and bodybuilding influenced gym.

Year 2004, that was the time when Ii decided to try it. I competed my 1st bodybuilding competition. It was the “western visayas bodybuilding competition” I got 2nd runner up and it was held in Iloilo city. After that event, I got motivated a lot and hungry for more. Omar Legacion was the winner of the open category and he got me motivated to train legs.

Year 2005, I put up my own small hardcore gym in our place and even started to organize bodybuilding events. I was competing in some local and regional events and was placing not lower than top 4.

I thought that was the start of my bodybuilding career. But, the lord has his plans for making us realize we need to follow his will in everything we do.

Year 2007, i got injured doing squats. I had a lower back injury and was bed ridden for 3 weeks. I was advised to stop workout for a while. I got frustrated and that time we were on a financial crisis. So, i looked for a better job. I tried working in a call-center. I became an agent and got promoted after 4 months as a supervisor. I was earning good with it, but my vices came back with it as well. After 2 yrs i missed workout. Missed being a bodybuilder. So, i resigned in the year 2009.

I started again from scratch i was 160 lbs when I started working in the call-center now I’m 124 when i started to make a comeback. =I was organizing bodybuilding events at that time. After 1 year of serious workout with proper lifestyle and supplementation. I finally decided to make a comeback. Feb of 2010 I tried to compete in Sta. Rosa, Laguna for the Jerick Ternida classic qualifier which one of the reason is to meet my idol. But I never placed top 5 at that event. I got motivated again seeing other bodybuilders in manila and the level of competition there. So, on august 22, 2010 I joined the Ginoong Kadayawan 2010 that was held in Davao and got 3rd place where i also met my present adviser, Mr. Alvin Abano. He placed 2nd at that event.

September of the same year I tried competing at the Mr. Philippines Cebu but never even made it on the top 5. That competition made me motivated to persevere.

When I decided to join the Mr. Muscular Boracay I sought the help of Mr. Alvin Abano who mentored me with my training and diet. And with some advice from other bodybuilders which were good friends of mine, thanks to them I won the event and looking forward to win more titles in the future by God’s will.

Advice to other upcoming bodybuilders:

Never give-up. Because you’re never a looser until you quit trying and proper lifestyle, proper nutrition and proper workout is the key to success and with the guidance of the lord almighty.

Motto: (quote from the bible)

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Heb. 10:36

I also organized a local bodybuilding club named: Negros bodybuilder’s club which has more than 20 members at this time.


To promote bodybuilding as a sport in Negros

To develop potential athletes to compete not just local but national events or maybe international.

To create camaraderie among bodybuilders

Reason why i have to organize events and founded the club:

To return the favor to bodybuilding which changed my way of living and basically changed my life.



Age: 33 yrs old

Married with 3 beautiful kids

Height: 5’4”

Off-season weight before Mr. Muscular Boracay 2010: 150 lbs.

Mr. Muscular Boracay 2010 competition weight: 135 lbs.

Best bodypart:

Back, legs and abs

Weakest bodypart:


Filipino bodybuilder most admired:

Jerick ternida

Alvin Abano

Dondon Cortuna

Foreign bodybuilder most admired:

Dexter Jackson

Phil heath

Bodybuilding competition organized:

Hot bodz 2005 – Talisay city, neg. Occ.

Mr. Western visayas bodybuilding competition 2006 – Talisay city, neg occ.

Mr. Western visayas 2008 – Gaisano city supermall, bacolod city

Clash of the Titans 2009 – Gaisano city supermall, bacolod city

Hardwear apparel’s bodybuilding classic 2010 (national amateur bodybuilding competition) – Bacolod city

Contest history:

Mr western visayas 2004 – 2nd runner up

Mr. Bacolod 2005 – 2nd runner up

Mr. Visayas 2005 – 3rd runner up

Mr. Masskara 2006 – 3rd runner up

Ginoong kadayawan aug 22, 2010 – 2nd runner up & best abs award

Mr. Philippines NABBA Sept., 2010 – competitor

Mr. Muscular Boracay Bodybuilding Competition 2010 – champion & best in symmetry