Last Updated on January 31, 2024

The local government of Lahore Pakistan recently cancelled all Bodybuilding event competitions when 4 competitive bodybuilders died in a span of 17 days. The bodybuilders died because of “excessive use of steroids” in the Punjab province this month.

The Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation (PBBF) has decided to regulate the bodybuilding and fitness clubs across Pakistan. The government’s decision has come after the death of four prominent body builders – Humayun Khurram, a winner of a gold medal in the South Asian Body building Championship, Matloob Haider and Muhammad Rizwan and Hamid Ali, winner of bronze medal in South Asian contest.

Three of them died of sudden heart failure leaving a trail of questions about how the health clubs operate and what kind of food supplements they frequently recommend.

Most of the regular and recognized bodybuilders’ associations deny encouraging usage of anabolic steroids.

However, they say individual clubs or trainers may encourage young builders use “unregulated steroids.”

“Dietary regime is essential to the bodybuilding business and that also precisely the risk point. Because the diet is so essential to muscle building, food supplements (frequently steroids) naturally come into play,” Tipu Sultan, who patronizes Body Builders Association of Gujranwala Division said.

There is hardly any trained and educated dietitian at most fitness centers and it is a totally unregulated market where everything and anything is available for money, the risk only multiplies for young people, he added.

“A lot of water is required with the usage of steroids. It is sometimes prohibited by body building coaches because it softens human muscles. All these factors cause huge risk to life. If the government can check shisha clubs, why can’t it act against these health clubs?” he asked.

“The provincial government has directed the district administrations to look into the matter and take necessary steps to prevent such incidents in future,” Salman Rafique, special adviser to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said.

“We are trying to determine the actual cause of death of four body builders. Action will be taken against those involved in selling prohibited steroids,” he on the use of oral steroids.

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