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1987 YMCA Novice 1st place

1986 YMCA Jr and Sr. Overall
Summer King 1986
Mr. Shape 1987
Starbodybuilder 1987-1988
Mr. Metro Manila 1986-1987
Mr. Luzon 1988
Mr. Philippines, Light Heavyweight 1989
SEA Games Malaysia 3rd runner up 1989
Mr. Asia Korea 3rd place 1989
ASEAN Bodybuilding Kota Kinabalu
3rd runner up 1992
Mr. Philippines, Heavyweight 1997
Future Plans:
Maintain athletic look. Continue to train
Fave BB:
Steve Reeves -classic physique
Bob Paris- modern physique
Kevin Levrone- giant physique
Local fave: Boyet Andaca due to his confidence, discipline in training, and wholesome attitude in competitions.
No fave supplement, but have used MetRx
No fave body parts, train all