Technique Diversity. If you are an athlete or exercise frequently, you might go through muscle cramps or fatigue after attempting a new type of exercise routine or if you have been inactive for some time. A sports massage might be just what you would need to make sure your muscles are loosened up and prepared for your next game.

If you have already suffered a sports injury, your physical therapist might be using the techniques of sports massage with you. The procedure could be a spa massage as well, which involves deep kneading for the joints and muscles, as well as additional features such as aromatherapy or soft music to calm you down to improve your mood throughout the massage.

Your physical therapist or massage therapist will use a variety of movements during the massage session to help you recover the function of your arms, back and legs. You might also be able to move a little at different stages of your massage, so that your muscles will become more flexible and simpler to control in order to reduce cramping.

Soft tissue massage is also an integral part of the majority of body massages, including sports massage, so you might experience a slight pressure if your injury is relatively new. The massage methods are based on how the musculoskeletal system functions, so that you will be receiving relief for your joints, bones and muscles, which can add to the pressure that you will feel as well.

An Ounce of Prevention

If you get a massage regularly, you might wish to inquire with your massage therapists about preventive measures for sports injuries when you are on the massage table. In the majority of cases, injury prevention can be increased during a “regular” massage, since your massage therapist will very likely massage the muscles that are inclined to “disturb” the most athletes – the top and bottom back, calves and hamstrings. Sports medicine might also be suggested for you, which means you might need to use some various medications to cut down on the swelling (topical or internal) or to help bruises to heal faster at the same time as your sports massage.

A sports massage can be employed not only to deal with your sports injuries, but massage can also improve your performance as well. The deep kneading, which is used in sports massage can help increase the range of motion in your legs and arms, and perhaps even help you improve the agility and speed during your athletic performance or your workouts. Make sure to talk to your coach, massage therapist or physician about the best body massages for you throughout your next visit in order to improve your health as well as your athletic ability.

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