Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Too many natural bodybuilders fervently defend their juiced counterparts on the basis of personal “choice.”

Their standard comeback is that juicers just took a different path and should not be disparaged for their actions even though steroids are illegal. After all, the juicers still had to work out to achieve that enhanced “look” that so many nattys admire, even if they did use artificial assistance. Of course, nattys work out just as hard, but that’s irrelevant.

These particular nattys don’t care if an entire generation of children – even their own – might be influenced to use steroids. They don’t care, either, that the juicers have hijacked their sport compelling two separate divisions – tested and untested – which, together with powerlifting, are the only two sports in the world that are divided by the “choice.”

These same nattys also make excuses for the scores of juicers who have died – most before the age of 40 and usually attributed to heart and liver problems or depression-related suicide – claiming that the common denominator of steroid use is irrelevant to their deaths, almost always attributing their deaths to something congenital. Defending their “choice” to the end. Literally.

As long as their use of PEDs doesn’t affect these nattys personally, they don’t care about anybody or anything except themselves – which really means as long as the juicers don’t try to compete against them in natural events, they are O.K. with whatever they do. A selfish viewpoint, but it is what it is.

Admittedly, they don’t like the fact that juicers are generally bigger and stronger and look better than they ever will ever look without taking drugs. They don’t like the fact that they get all the publicity either. Or, that juicers receive more prize money, more endorsements, and more sponsors. But, that’s all right.

Deep down inside, the nattys who believe in the “choice” have the false satisfaction of believing they have taken the high moral ground by their own personal rejection of drug use even while continuing to support in every other way the very thing they say they are against by hobnobbing with juicers, working out with them, “selfing” with them, admiring them on social media, and paying to watch them compete in untested shows.

Two-faced? Of course, it is. Hypocrisy is still hypocrisy even under the noble guise of supporting someone else’s “choice” of breaking the law – especially when it adversely affects everyone and everything around them. Nattys don’t support other criminal acts as a matter of “choice.” Why steroids? Yes, juicers have the RIGHT to choose to use steroids and other PEDs – or any other drugs they want to use – but why do so many nattys SUPPORT that choice by idolizing those who make that illegal choice and placing them on pedestals as as persons to admire?

Is it any wonder that natural bodybuilding has to fight so hard for credibility when the “choice” has divided even the nattys by those who support the choice and those who do not? The juicers have succeeded in dividing the sport of bodybuilding in more ways than one.