Last Updated on June 26, 2024

The 2024 Body BE 1 Classic, held on June 22, 2024, in Montgomery, Alabama, was an exciting event in the world of bodybuilding. This competition showcased the hard work and dedication of many athletes, all aiming to qualify for the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest.

This IFBB Pro League event saw competitors from various divisions battling it out for the coveted gold medals and the opportunity to secure their spots at the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition.

Classic Physique Division: Tyler Johnson Emerges Victorious

In the highly competitive Classic Physique division, Canadian sensation Tyler Johnson claimed the top spot with his impressive physique and stage presence. Johnson’s victory was no small feat, as he had to outshine a field of talented competitors, including runner-up Barry Irving from Atlanta, Georgia, and third-place finisher Andrew Wilson from Birmingham, Alabama.

Johnson’s win in this division showcases the growing popularity and competitiveness of the Classic Physique category, which emphasizes a more streamlined and aesthetic look compared to the mass monsters of the Open division. His victory not only cements his status as a rising star in the sport but also guarantees him a coveted spot at the Mr. Olympia competition later this year.

Men’s Physique Division: Christopher Barr Takes the Crown

The Men’s Physique division, known for its focus on a beach-ready look with emphasis on upper body development and overall aesthetics, saw Christopher Barr emerge as the champion. Barr’s victory in this highly competitive category demonstrates his exceptional conditioning, symmetry, and stage presence.

The Men’s Physique division continues to be one of the most popular categories in bodybuilding, attracting a wide range of athletes who strive for a lean, muscular physique that’s both attainable and appealing to the general public. Barr’s win at the 2024 Body BE 1 Classic solidifies his position as a top contender in this division and earns him a ticket to the Mr. Olympia stage.

Fitness Division: Cerise Crowned Champion

In the dynamic and demanding Fitness division, it was Cerise who emerged victorious, showcasing not only an impressive physique but also the strength, flexibility, and showmanship required for this unique category. The Fitness division challenges competitors to display their physical conditioning alongside their athletic abilities through a choreographed routine.

Cerise’s win highlights the diverse skill set required to excel in this division, combining elements of bodybuilding, gymnastics, and dance. Her performance at the 2024 Body BE 1 Classic has undoubtedly set a high bar for future Fitness competitors and secured her place among the elite at the upcoming Mr. Olympia.

Other Divisions and Notable Performances

While the Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, and Fitness divisions saw their respective champions crowned, the 2024 Body BE 1 Classic featured other categories as well. Although specific details for all divisions were not provided in the available sources, it’s worth noting that events like these often include categories such as Women’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, and potentially Wheelchair divisions.

Each of these divisions brings its own unique set of criteria and challenges, contributing to the diverse and inclusive nature of modern bodybuilding competitions. The athletes competing in these categories demonstrate the wide range of physiques and presentations that make up the contemporary bodybuilding landscape.

Implications for the Mr. Olympia

The significance of the 2024 Body BE 1 Classic extends beyond the immediate victories and placings. As an IFBB Pro League event, this competition serves as a crucial qualifier for the Mr. Olympia, widely regarded as the Super Bowl of bodybuilding. The winners in each division have now secured their spots at this prestigious event, where they will compete against the best of the best from around the world.

This qualification system underscores the importance of competitions like the Body BE 1 Classic in shaping the competitive landscape of professional bodybuilding. It provides a platform for rising stars to make their mark and for established pros to maintain their standing in the sport.

The Growing Popularity of Bodybuilding

The success of events like the 2024 Body BE 1 Classic reflects the continued growth and evolution of bodybuilding as a sport and lifestyle. With multiple divisions catering to different physique goals and aesthetic preferences, modern bodybuilding has broadened its appeal to a wider audience.

The Classic Physique division, in particular, has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, appealing to those who admire the more streamlined and proportionate physiques reminiscent of the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Meanwhile, categories like Men’s Physique and Fitness continue to attract athletes and fans who appreciate a more attainable and functional look.

The Winners of the 2024 Body BE 1 Classic

  • Classic Physique: Tyler Johnson
  • Men’s Physique: Christopher Barr
  • Figure: Cerise Decardenas
  • Fitness: Nadine Claudia Huber

Full Results

Classic Physique

  • Winner — Tyler Johnson (Canada)
  • Second Place — Barry Irving (Atlanta, GA)
  • Third Place — Andrew Wilson (Birmingham, AL)
  • Fourth Place — Terrence Bonds (Sylvania, OH)
  • Fifth Place — David Anthony Tassin (Bothell, WA)
  • Sixth Place — Louiege Bascog (Filer, ID)
  • Seventh Place — Austin Phillips (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Eighth Place — Carlos Pinto (Sparks, NV)
  • Ninth Place — Bassem Ashouri (Jacksonville, FL)
  • NS — Joshua Langbein (Greeneville, TN)

Men’s Physique

  • Winner — Christopher Barr (Durham, NC)
  • Second Place — Chevy Phillips (Canada) 
  • Third Place — Antoine Weatherspoon (Princeton, TX)
  • Fourth Place — John Sarmiento (Herndon, VA) 
  • Fifth Place — Winston Sullivan (Tampa, Florida)
  • Sixth Place — Youcef Anava Djoudi (France)
  • Seventh Place — Tyler Smith (United Kingdom)
  • Eighth Place — Brian Motley (Fort Washington, MD)
  • Ninth Place — Raphael Souza (Brazil)
  • Tenth Place — Tre Trotter (Murfreesboro, TN)
  • Eleventh Place — Torre Washington (Tamarac, FL)
  • Twelfth Place — Jacques Lewis (Roswell, GA)
  • Thirteenth Place — Darnell Dean (North Richland Hills, TX)
  • Fourteenth Place — Peter Burnett (Houston, TX)
  • Fifteenth Place — Louis Caruso (Mesa, AZ)


  • Winner — Cerise Decardenas (Pembroke Pines, FL)
  • Second Place — Amber Steffen (Leander, TX)
  • Third Place — Danielle Chikeles (Hoffman Estates, IL)
  • Fourth Place — Savahannah Byczek (Brunswick, OH)
  • Fifth Place — Ellie Ambs (New Braunfels, TX)
  • Sixth Place — Kristen Morby (Fountainville, PA)


  • Winner — Nadine Claudia Huber (Germany)
  • Second Place — Deshane Price (Madison, Alabama)
  • Third Place — Delisa Davis (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • Fourth Place — Danielle Rose (Boca Raton, FL)
  • Fifth Place — Katy Oneil (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Sixth Place — Sandee Lark (Peyton, CO)
  • Seventh Place — Roshende Whittington (Salisbury, MD)
  • Eighth Place — Lauren Calderoni (Stratford, CT)
  • Ninth Place — Jessica Baltazar (La Quinta, CA)
  • Tenth Place — Shana Malcolm (Marietta, GA)
  • Eleventh Place — Sprees Dyess (Duluth, GA)
  • Twelfth Place — Rebecca Godwin (Dunellen, NJ)

Official 2024 Body BE 1 Classic Scorecard

2024 Body BE 1 Classic Physique Scorecard
2024 Body BE 1 Classic Men Physique Scorecard
2024 Body BE 1 Classic Women Physique and Figure Scorecard 750x919.jpg 2

Looking Ahead

As the dust settles on the 2024 Body BE 1 Classic, the bodybuilding world now turns its attention to the upcoming Mr. Olympia competition. The winners from this event, including Tyler Johnson, Christopher Barr, and Cerise, will be among the top contenders to watch as they prepare to face off against the global elite of the sport.For the athletes who didn’t secure a win at this event, the journey continues. The competitive nature of professional bodybuilding means that there are always more opportunities on the horizon to qualify for the Olympia or to improve their standings in the IFBB Pro League.

The 2024 Body BE 1 Classic has once again proven to be a significant event in the bodybuilding calendar, showcasing the incredible dedication, physiques, and performances of athletes across multiple divisions. As the sport continues to evolve and grow, competitions like this play a crucial role in shaping the future of bodybuilding and inspiring the next generation of athletes to push their limits in pursuit of physical excellence.