Last Updated on January 22, 2024

We’re delighted to announce that the NABBA Universe on 25 October 2014 will have Live Streaming during the Evening Show to highlight the results around the world. This is extremely important for the continued growth and development of NABBA body-building especially since this will be the 65th Mr & Ms Universe contest. We will be posting photos and videos of the pre-judging via Facebook so that the world can stay up to date.

Oscar Heidenstam…
For many of today’s bodybuilders this name may not be one they recognise. Undoubtedly though, bodybuilders the world over have been touched by his influence and his legacy and owe him more than they will ever know. He wa…s there in the beginning when the Health & Strength League formed NABBA. He was there to witness all of the greatest bodybuilders of the golden age rise to fame. Without him, NABBA would not be what it is today.