Boyet Andaca – Mr. Philippines 2000


Aquilino Andaca Jr., the reigning Mr. Philippines 2000. This is his second year as Mr. Philippines. Born in Quezon City “Boyet” as his peers call him, has the respect of the whole bodybuilding community with his very imposing physique. Boyet works as a personal trainer and teaches judo, boxing, arnis, and aikido at the Manila Polo Club.

His training regimen is somewhat basic. He trains all body parts and has no favorite routine. His diet is simple and a nutritionist helps him achieve his goals. For a while, he used amino acids as his main supplement but discontinued it after he developed pimples. You might think that Pinoy bodybuilders look to the west for their inspiration when asked who his favorite bodybuilder, he simply replied ‘none.’

Asked about his future plans, Boyet still wants to be employed at Microsoft. In closing, he advises that “no matter what the people say about bodybuilders, just keep on working. We are the few, the proud, the bodybuilder.”

Mr. Philippines 2000


Novice Winner
YMCA 1979

Junior Winner
YMCA 1980

Mr. Manila Youth
1979, 1980, 1981

Mr. Philippines
3rd Place Middleweight 1982

Mr. Philippines
1st Place Light Middle 1983 and 1984

Mr. Luzon
1st Place 1988

Mr. Philippines
1st Place Middle Weight 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993

GNC Bodybuilding Competition
1st Place 1999

Mr. Philippines
1st Place Middle Weight and Overall 1999 and 2000