Earlier this year Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed his tips for getting rid of belly fat which he called his “Rapid Belly Melt” episode of his wildly popular Dr. Oz Show.

The episode began with Dr. Oz having the audience take “Belfies” or belly fat “selfies”. He then went on to discuss belly fat in more detail and spoke about fat on the outside of the belly as well as fat beneath the muscle, known as visceral fat.

Visceral fat was the more concerning type of fat to Dr. Oz because high levels of visceral fat is often a warning sign of several medical conditions including heart disease and cancer.

As always the good Dr. offered several ways to combat both the squishy or outside fat and the more dangerous visceral fat.

The 1st product he discussed is called Forskolin. Dr. Oz says that Forskolin burns fat from the inside and as fat is burned only muscle is left. He went on to say that during a 12 week study that forskolin was shown to increase bone mass and muscle mass along with the fat burning effect. The way you take a forskolin supplement is 125mg or more by mouth before eating with a potency of at least 10%.

“Carbage” Dr. Oz explained, are junk carbohydrates and the main culprit when it comes to creating visceral fat.

Dr. Oz added that there are several spices that can be added to meals that help melt away the visceral fat which includes:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Cayenne
  • Oregano
  • Tumeric

Dr. Oz suggested that eliminating “Carbage” which is found in processed flours and sugars to be part of this strategy as well.

Finally Dr. Oz suggested drinking 2 glasses of green tea every day. Green tea is chock full of anti oxidants that help the body process fats in the body. However, instead of simply drinking the green tea as is, Dr. Oz suggest that you add half a squeezed lemon to each cup of green tea that SIX TIMES the anti oxidants are absorbed. The tea can be served hot or cold.

Of course when it comes to belly fat an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Forskolin, green tea and even the spices listed above can aide people who would like to lose weight, especially when combined with a reasonable diet and moderate exercise.