Hardwear Classic 2010 Results


September 4, 2010
Gaisano City Supermall and Grand Regal Hotel, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


Novice Category: 

1st Place                Denmar Galagnara                               Laguna                           3CG Gym

2nd Place               Lester Mark                                          Dumaguete                     Fit 4 Life Gym

3rd Place               Saje Policarpio                                      Bacolod                          Saj Gym

4th Place               Kenji Dimson                                        Bacolod/Japan               Avenue Gym

5th Place               Ronel Estares                                        Bacolod                         Prime Body Gym

Small Category:           

 1st Place                Leandro Jivan Bermuda                      Laguna                           Stay Fit Gym

2nd Place               Rodulfo Manaba                                   Iloilo                              Sportsville Gym

3rd Place               Leo Nikko Delfinado                            Bacolod                         Saj Gym

4th Place               Jessie Aragon                                        Bacolod                         Burn and Sweat

5th Place               Johnrod Mendoza                                 Bacolod                         Prime Gym 

Medium Category:

1st Place                Ronnel Bautista                       Tacloban                        Muscle Haus Gym

2nd Place               Alrey Pamaylaan                      Bacolod                         President’s Gym

3rd Place               Ernie Jun Retiban                     Bacolod                         Saj Gym

4th Place               Victor Mejia                             Bacolod                         Saj Gym

Tall Category:

 1st Place                Silvan Abella Vito                  Bacolod                         Burn and Sweat Gym

2nd Place                Ulysis Relos                            Bacolod                         Prime Gym

3rd Place               Rogelio Llorente                      Dumaguete                    Go Healthy Fitness

4th Place               Rolf Villar                                 Sagay                            Sagay Fitness

5th Place               Rolando Lopez                          Davao                            Matina South Fitness     

Over All Champion:

Ronnel Bautista             Tacloban                        Muscle Haus Gym