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I asked some standard questions that are relevant to us readers. I am really impressed by her. Her cooperation in answering these questions was not hard for the sake of the bodybuilding and fitness industry. This feature article will be the first for Ironpinoy and it’s an honor to have her. I hope everybody (even the male species) will be inspired and reach their goals after reading her interview. To Kristine, thanks.

Morning, at Slimmers World International in SM Megamall, another training day, another day in, well, I guess paradise (maybe hell)… As usual, the place is full of familiar faces and bodies sweating trying to reach their fitness goals. Then she came. I asked Jeje Cotas (fitness trainer) who’s that lady¬†(she really looks young – naks naman) then he told me that’s Kristine Yu, the champion female bodybuilder. I was impressed. Although it was her off-season she looks very impressive. So days went by and until one day I asked if I could feature her in Ironpinoy. She complied wholeheartedly and with a matching smile.

The following is the interview with Kristine Yu. Hope you guys and gals enjoy it.

IronPinoy: What is your training regimen?
Kristine Yu: Pre-contest (preparing for a contest), my preparation runs for 4-5 months (this is based on my last year’s contests) meaning strict diet & training. My training is twice a day (morning & evening) DOUBLE-SPLIT PROGRAM with cardio for at least 45mins. I also train my ABS twice a day in the course of the training. I rest (nap) in the afternoon before my evening training.

Off-season (no contest or after the contest) – eat anything I want literally but still workout once a day whenever I can. I also do Cardio workout once a day whenever I can. The off-season is fun after very vigorous training for 5 months. Enjoying LIFE itself.

2000 Mr Philippines kristin yu 1
2000 NPC Contra Cost Lightweight Champion – Kristine is 3rd from left.

I change the program (routines) every month for pre-contest preparation. All double-split programs. Cardio 2x a day. Abs 2x a day. Sleeps in the afternoon. The combination of body parts in training usually varies. I always do high reps, 3 sets for each exercise, and give priority to weak points (body part) meaning I train it first. I don’t rest too long in between sets, I get “tamad” easily & I always want to finish quickly. I train by myself or w/ my personal trainer (my husband – Louie). I’m not used to having a training partner ‘coz don’t want to wait in between sets too long – my intensity goes off easily. FORM is very important to me and Louie. We don’t give much importance to weight. We don’t lift heavier weights than we can. If you can’t lift it – surely you CAN’T execute the exercise properly therefore you might not strike the right body part you want to train… IT’S A WASTE OF TIME! And probably no improvement or gains.

IP: Favorite body part to train?
KY: SHOULDERS, women need dominant shoulders in bodybuilding it gives symmetry & sharpness on stage. BACK, this was my weak point before, it’s hard for me to trim it & it’s where fat is usually stored. Now, I am proud to say, NOT ANYMORE!! Got the secret through experience & I know now what to do with my body for preparation. I always train all my body parts – I don’t leave anything behind.

IP: Diet regimen?
KY: Pre-contest, I’m more on the basics. Grilled, baked, roast, steamed, boiled, broiled, NO FRIED, NO ADDITIONAL SALT, and NO SUGAR
& OIL. I DO NOT use Nutra Sweet (a sugar substitute). The only thing I drink aside from water is Coffee, and I take it black. I eat fish, eggs, and chicken as my primary source of protein. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice & fresh vegetable salad for my carbohydrates. NO seasoning for me except vinegar & calamansi or lemon juice. I always weigh my food. I prepare my food before going to bed in the evening for my next day’s meals. I don’t cook it (somebody does this for me) I just place them in Tupperware containers & store them in the ref. I eat my food COLD – since it can last longer than warm foods – I’m out working almost the whole day therefore I cannot risk my food getting spoiled. I’ll just bring it cold & in a cooler.

IP: Philosophy in training?
KY: 1) Always give importance to FORM & not weight. Execute the exercise properly to train the right muscle/body part. Don’t waste time.
2) Do a serious & intense workout – later na lang the “kuwentuhan” – after your training.
3) Always listen to your body. Don’t push yourself to the edge. Always remember, try to differentiate, not feeling well, from being LAZY.

IP: Supplementation?
KY: I take vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin B-complex & calcium lactate. Whenever I’m in a hurry & can’t eat my food (solid), I’ll just drink my protein drink (designer protein & super whey of
Twinlab) or meal substitute drinks (Met-Rx, Myoplex, Muscletech, & Complete Rx by Weider products) or take protein bars (Met-Rx, Myoplex, Premier).

IP: Philosophy in life?
KY: 1) You look good, you feel good.
2) Fitness is a lifestyle. No one can push you to get into it unless you enjoy yourself doing so.
3) Health is wealth.
4) Fitness will lead you to a longer/healthier/stronger life.
5) Looking & feeling good will lead you to self-confidence and a successful life.
6) Gain self-discipline & self-control. I am willing to share & teach others to have one.
7) Clean & healthy body will lead to a healthy mind & life.

IP: Why bodybuilding?
KY: My philosophy in life said it all. It’s more of self-discipline, self-control & self-confidence & independence in life. If we can learn this all, we can also extend our help to others… maybe we can also change their lives for the better for themselves & for the people they love.

IP: Favorite Bodybuilders
KY: International, Women – Rachel Mclish (First Ms. Olympia), Lenda Murray, Valentina Chepiga (Ms. Olympia 2000). International, Men – Flex Wheeler & Shawn Ray Philippines, Men – siyempre, ang husband ko (Louie YU)…kidding aside..:)
Eric Arinzol (Mr. Ironnman 2000-lightweight champion) + various major titles in bodybuilding.
Mr. Noel Galicia – Mr. Philippines & Mr. Asia – His conditioning always amazed me a lot. “IDOL” ang tingin ko sa kanya, everytime he competes, everytime I watched him, he is always well-prepared.
Jay Catli (not really sure of the spelling of his surname), ang BACK niya ay parang Dorian Yates (Mr. Olympia) ng Pilipinas. We can bet that he can win major titles abroad. Pang-international na ang size & conditioning niya.

IP: Message to upcoming bodybuilders.
KY: Focus & discipline is the secret to success. Nothing is impossible or unreachable. Filipino bodybuilders have the genetics, potential, and great chance (a winning chance) in international competitions if only given the opportunity, resources, and support for doing so.

Engaging in a sport like bodybuilding will help set an example for the youth to lead them away from DRUGS & lead them to a clean & healthy body & mind. Having an almost perfect body & having the ability to achieve this for ourselves is a VERY PRECIOUS GIFT that THE LORD had given us (bodybuilders), let us share this GIFT & ART to others without hesitation. Let us be approachable & reachable to others whatever the highest title we had achieved & will receive in the future. This is a SPECIAL GIFT to be shared to others. Let us set an example that our almost perfect body is also the mirror of our PERFECT SOUL.

IP: Last word.
KY: Hope I had answered your question properly. I am happy to do this for Ironpinoy, for my friends & for my fellow bodybuilders. This is very enriching & educating for me. It was FUN. Thank you very much. I like to do this again. See you at the gym… Kristine.


5th Place Winner
Bantamweight Division
Philippine Official Representative
17th Asian Women’s Bodybuilding Championship, Singapore
May 2000

Over-All Champion
Ms. Philippines Bodybuilding Competition
2000 IFBB/PBSF Nationals, Cebu City
April 2000

2nd Runner-up Winner
Ms. Philippines Bodybuilding Competition
1998 IFBB/PBSF Nationals, Cebu City
March 1998

Champion (1st Place Winner)
Women’s Division
1997 1st 5KM Marathon Run
The Spa, Acropolis

2nd Place Winners
Team Category – Step Aerobics
Sports Aerobics Competition
1997 PICAF Nationals

Champion (1st Place Winner)
Professional Category
Aerobics Marathon Competition
1996 PICAF Nationals

2nd Place Winner
Female Junior Category
1995 Shape Center 5 KM Marathon


Class A – Certified Judge
Philippine Bodybuilding Sports Federation (PBSF)
Philippine Bodybuilding Judges Association (PBJA)
International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB)
National Physique Committee of the USA (NPC)

AFPP – Association of Fitness Professionals of the Philippines
PICAF – Philippines International Competitive Aerobic Federation
PBSF – Philippine Body Building Sports Federation
PBJA – Philippine Body Building Judges Association
IFBB – International Federation of Body Builders
ISSA, USA – International Sports Sciences Association, USA
NPG, USA – National Professional Group, USA
NPC, USA – National Physique Committee of the USA Body Building