Last Updated on January 22, 2024

You may have heard that free weights (like dumbbells, barbells, and other weight plates) are better for building your chest than machines. Well, that’s true… to a certain extent. That said, not all free weights are created equal.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how different types of weight exercises work differently in the body and which one is best for developing your particular strength goals. Whether you need to add more variety to your workouts or want to know the best way to build a certain muscle group with your free weights, we think you’ll find this info useful!

The Advantages of Machines: 

  • They are great for beginners because they are safe and easy to use.
  • Machines guide your body through a certain range of motion.
  • You don’t have to worry about balancing the weight as much as with free weights.
  • Machines don’t require as much coordination.
  • Machines isolate each muscle group.
  • Machines let you get in a fast workout. You go through a circuit of machines and then you are finished.
  • Machines are usually arranged so that you work large muscle groups and then smaller muscle groups.

The Disadvantages of Machines:

  • Machines don’t fit everybody. They can be hard to adjust.
  • Machines don’t build as much balance or coordination.
  • Machines can put your body into a bad range of motion. (If you feel uncomfortable move onto another machine)
  • Machines are not portable. They can’t be moved around very easily.
  • Many bodybuilders believe that working out with machines alone doesn’t build a very good body.

The Advantages of Free Weights:

  • Free weights are versatile. One set of dumbbells can be used for many exercises.
  • Free weights build better balance and coordination.
  • Free weights work your muscles in a way that matches real life.
  • Many bodybuilders primarily use free weights to gain their massive size.
  • Free weights allow you to strengthen muscles and tendons that wouldn’t get much work when using machines.

The Disadvantages of Free Weights:

  • Free weights can be difficult because of the balance and coordination required.
  • A free weight workout will take longer than a machine workout.
  • You can get injured easier using free weights.


When it comes to weight exercises, there are three main types: free weights, weight machines, and weight machines. Each type is best suited for different goals, so choose the one that’s right for you!

Machine weights are great for beginners because they are safe and easy to use. They provide constant resistance throughout an exercise movement and put your body into a certain range of motion. You can easily adjust the amount of weight that you’re lifting. Most machines also have weight stacks or cables that increase or decrease the weight and also move the handles up and down.

If you want to focus on strength building, try free weights. These weights attach together with a pair of hooks and an included bench or seat. They should be used to perform sets of one or two exercises.

If you want to focus on balance and coordination, try using weight machines. These weights attach securely to heavy-duty pulleys on a vertical and horizontal bar. The weights move up and down in unison as you exercise. A weight selector can change the amount of weight you’re lifting so you can increase the challenge or decrease it if you feel tired.

If you want to focus on isolation movements, try using weight machines again. The weight machines have a pair of parallel bars that pivot up and down. Selectors control the weight. This can be paired with leg extensions and leg presses. Some machines even have leg curls.