Specialists have discovered higher options for rising bone density than calcium alone.

Roughly half of all adults aged 50 and older are vulnerable to breaking a bone, based on the National Osteoporosis Foundation.[1]

Even seemingly protected actions like exercising and driving can change into troublesome for people with osteoporosis. Debilitating fractures and long-term issues are frequent outcomes of weak and brittle bones.

The truth is, 50 percent of people who break their hips by no means totally heal, 10 percent find themselves in nursing houses, and 33 percent die within a yr of their preliminary fracture.[2]

Rheumatologist and internist Dr. Adam Kreitenberg explain, “Many individuals don’t understand they’ve bone density issues till they expertise a fall or fracture. The aim is to construct sturdy and wholesome bones earlier than it’s too late.”

Calcium’s benefits, corresponding to gaining bone mass and rising bone density[3], have been well-documented for a few years. So, why are the latest research revealing a rise in osteoporosis in the US, notably amongst ladies?[4]

In response to the latest scientific research revealed in The Journal of Orthopaedic Science, calcium wants to mix with vitamin D3 and different key vitamins with the intention to assist bone density.[5]

Nevertheless, not simply any calcium will do; an extremely absorbable type of calcium, corresponding to calcium hydroxyapatite, is really helpful since it’s bioidentical to the calcium already present in your physique.

When calcium hydroxyapatite is mixed with vitamin D3, research present that bone density is elevated and the speed of bone loss is decreased. It might additionally help in the prevention of osteoporosis.[6]

Hogne Vik, M.D., scientist and chief medical officer of NattoPharma, has additionally been engaged on cutting-edge analysis surrounding the function of vitamin K2 in serving to assist bone well-being.

Dr. Vik explains, “Numerous scientific research is exhibiting that our bodies require the presence of vitamin K2 to soak up calcium correctly. That’s as a result of Vitamin K2 is the one compound that may direct calcium to the suitable locations: your bones and tooth.”

Nattopharma created a patented and efficient model of MK-7, MenaQ7® — the one clinically studied type of vitamin K2 accessible in the marketplace that delivers optimum bone well-being assistance.

In a single research, wholesome postmenopausal ladies took a day-by-day 180mcg dose of MenaQ7 over a 3-year interval. Contributors skilled a major enhancement in bone mineral content material and density. Their fee of bone degradation slowed by about 50%.[7]

“In my rheumatology follow, I mix complementary remedies, corresponding to weight-reduction plan and weight-bearing workout routines with a sophisticated medicinal therapy, OsteoMD,” Dr. Kreitenberg explains. “This can be a highly effective bone assist remedy based mostly on rising scientific information, and my sufferers are already noticing the distinction it’s making of their day-to-day lives.”

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