Last Updated on June 11, 2024

The Vitamin Shoppe, a leading omni-channel specialty retailer of nutritional products, has released its highly anticipated Health & Wellness Trend Report for 2024. This annual study, leverages proprietary sales data and insights from a comprehensive consumer survey, sheds light on the latest trends, products, and shopping behaviors shaping the nutritional supplements market. Here, we delve into the top five health and wellness trends identified in the report, offering a glimpse into the future of wellness.

1. Nutritional Support for GLP-1 Users

The first trend highlighted in the report is the growing importance of nutritional support for users of GLP-1 medications, such as semaglutide and tirzepatide, commonly known by their brand names Ozempic® and Mounjaro®. These weight-loss drugs have gained significant popularity, leading to a surge in demand for supplements that support proper nutrition. The Vitamin Shoppe has observed a notable increase in sales of protein supplements, multivitamins, fiber, and probiotics, which are essential for patients on these medications.

For instance, ready-to-drink protein beverages saw a 10% increase in sales in 2023 compared to the previous year, while meal replacement products tailored to weight management experienced a 13% rise in the first four months of 2024. Industry-wide, protein supplements and meal replacements grew by 15% for the 52 weeks ending November 5, according to SPINS data. This trend underscores the critical role of nutritional supplements in supporting the health and well-being of individuals using GLP-1 medications.

2. Quest for Longevity

The quest for longevity, encompassing both lifespan and healthspan, is another significant trend driving the wellness industry. Advances in research, technologies, and tools are fueling a heightened focus on nutritional health and supplements aimed at promoting longer, more active lives. The Vitamin Shoppe has responded to this trend by installing longevity-centric product displays in all its stores, spotlighting key areas of healthy aging needs, including cognitive health, cellular health, and mobility support formulas.

Cognitive support products have emerged as the biggest sales driver by volume in the new Longevity merchandise set, while cellular health support saw the most substantial sales gains in 2023, with a remarkable 45% increase from the previous year. This trend reflects a growing consumer interest in products that support healthy aging and enhance overall well-being.

3. Gut Health Gets Fashionable

Gut health has become a fashionable topic in the wellness world, thanks in part to the viral #GutTok content on social media platforms. This trend has brought subjects like bloating, IBS, and bathroom habits into the public eye, raising awareness about the microbiome and the benefits of supplements such as probiotics, prebiotics, psyllium husk, and digestive enzymes.

At The Vitamin Shoppe, the ProBioCare® range of probiotics and digestive health products experienced a 24% increase in sales in 2023, with an additional 44% jump in the first quarter of 2024. According to SPINS, overall sales of digestive health and enzyme products grew by 9% for the 52 weeks ending November 5. This trend highlights the growing consumer interest in gut health and the increasing popularity of supplements that support digestive well-being.

4. Women’s Health for Ages 40+

Women’s health, particularly for those aged 40 and above, is another key trend identified in the report. The Vitamin Shoppe has introduced three new brands—Health & Her, Wile, and Solaray her life STAGES—and over 40 new products to its dedicated Women’s Health product displays. This expansion addresses the unique needs of women as they navigate milestones such as perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause, focusing on areas like hormonal health, emotional health, and sexual health.

According to SPINS analysis, women are increasingly seeking out case-specific supplements for these need states. For example, sales of PMS formulas increased by 12% for the 52 weeks ending October 8. This trend underscores the growing demand for targeted supplements that cater to the specific health needs of women in this age group.

5. Functional Beverages

Functional beverages, which offer more than just hydration, are gaining popularity among consumers. These beverages are formulated with a range of vitamins, adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals to enhance wellness goals. The functional beverage category has seen significant growth across various channels, with ready-to-drink functional beverages growing by 20% in the natural channel for the 52 weeks ending November 5, and by 5% in the larger multi-outlet and convenience channels, according to SPINS.In response to this trend, The Vitamin Shoppe has introduced an endcap display in 500 stores dedicated to functional beverages, featuring brands such as Kin Euphorics, De Soi, Hiyo, and Parch. This trend reflects the increasing consumer desire for beverages that provide additional health benefits beyond basic hydration.

Insights from The Vitamin Shoppe Consumer Survey

The Vitamin Shoppe’s Health & Wellness Trend Report 2024 also includes insights from an exclusive consumer survey conducted by Talker Research, which surveyed 2,000 Americans. The survey revealed that 55% of respondents reported their lifestyles being “much more” or “somewhat more” healthy since the pandemic officially ended in May 2023. Only 10% said their lifestyles were less healthy, while 35% reported no change.Interestingly, while weight control remains a hot topic, more Americans are focused on wellness priorities such as mental and emotional health (35%) and sleep and rest (33%) than on weight control (25%). This indicates that wellness goals are diverse and vary across different segments of the U.S. population.

The Vitamin Shoppe’s Health & Wellness Trend Report 2024 provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the nutritional supplements market. From the growing importance of nutritional support for GLP-1 users to the quest for longevity, the rise of gut health awareness, the focus on women’s health for ages 40+, and the increasing popularity of functional beverages, these trends highlight the dynamic nature of the wellness industry.

As Lee Wright, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe, aptly stated, “It’s a time of meaningful evolution in our industry, with innovations such as GLP-1 medications driving increased attention on the importance of healthy nutrition while social media continues to create surges of interest in a wide range of health and wellness supplements and products.”For more data, insights, and analysis from the Health & Wellness Trend Report 2024, visit The Vitamin Shoppe Press Room. The Vitamin Shoppe remains committed to providing customers with trusted products, guidance, and services to support their journeys of lifelong wellness.