These profit center will not guarantee success, but if run properly they can assist in generating a positive bottom line result. Spa program is service that can be implemented. Managing a health fitness facility in any setting has become a highly complex and demanding position. No longer can a club operator simply open the doors and expect initiation fees and dues revenue to guarantee success. Within each facility lies the opportunity and financial necessity to create additional programming and services to generate profit.

The term spa has long been a point of confusion for the fitness industry. The word spa often describes both the wet facility, also known as the whirlpool, and the growing profit center in which relaxing and healing service such as massage and facials take place. Many fitness center are now incorporating spa service, such as massages and facials into the operation of the facility to provide the member with a place of relaxation and stress reduction and to provide the operation with a profit center opportunity. Spa services and the numbers are growing. Although most spa participants currently are woman, the number of men is increasing. The future of spa industry is bright.

The operation of a spa facility is much different than that of a health fitness facility. The types of products needed and the services delivered differ dramatically from health fitness operations. The club operator should explore using an experienced spa consultant or hire experienced treatment professionals to enhance the probability for success.

Marketing spa services within the health & fitness operation can enhance the professional image of the wellness facility. Careful consideration of the marketing aspect of the spa services can improve member retention and enhance the profile of the facility within the community.

Before you start offering spa services, the club operator should perform a marketing survey to analyze the need and desire for the service to be offered; determine the target market for the services; evaluate the competition and their pricing structures; and review all local, city, and legal code involving spa service delivery.

Profit center must exist for club to remain competitive and profitable in the future. The profit center discussed, spa is an example of popular profit center found in all type of health fitness center settings. Next discuss on the next IRONPINOY issue will talk about pro-shop as a another source of profit center for your health fitness center.

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