Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Hexoskin, a Canadian startup, recently introduced its biometric smart tee — Ralph Lauren’s doing it too. The newly developed ‘shirt’, aimed at people who are fond of exercising regularly, is equipped with sensors capable of tracking over 3,000 data points every minute. Naturally, given that Hexoskin designed its product with athletes in mind, the shirt’s bread and butter is to gather stats during physical training sessions, although it can also track daily activities such as sleep.


Hexoskin’s biometric shirt is a portable lab that monitors cardiac, respiratory, and activity data

What Hexoskin Monitors

  • Heart Rate, HRV (allowing to estimate stress and fatigue), Heart Rate Recovery, and ECG.
  • Breathing Rate (RPM), Minute Ventilation (L/min).
  • Activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps, cadence and sleep positions.


  • 14+ hours of battery life (multiple trainings), 150+ hours of standalone recording.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Data validated by independent research labs.
  • Designed and assembled in Canada.
  • Safe for any kind of activity.

Biometric Shirt

  • Machine washable, high-performance Italian fabric.
  • Quick dry, breathable, lightweight, anti-odor, chlorine resistant, UV protection.

Data and Tech

  • Open Data API allows you to download raw data and use your own analytics software.
  • Analog 256Hz ECG data.
  • Analog dual-channel 128Hz breathing sensors.
  • Analog 3D 64Hz acceleration.

Hexoskin’s wearable is only available in the US, where the starting kit sells for a cool $399. It is also sold online at

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