Hidilyn Diaz – Weightlifter – Finds a Worthy partner in Olympic Dream


World-class weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz recently was the blessed rain that ended the Olympics medal drought the Philippines has suffered for 20 years. She made history when she brought home the silver in the women’s 53-kg weightlifting division of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

She also set several records for the Philippines in that event by 1) being the first female athlete to win an Olympic medal for our country, 2) being the first Filipino to win a medal in weightlifting, and 3) being the first Filipino non-boxer to take home a medal since 1936.


Behind these victories is a story of humility and grit. Born in 1991 to Eduardo and Emelita Diaz in Zamboanga, Hidilyn was assigned the chore of fetching water for her family’s use. The community water pump well was 50 meters from her house, not a long distance by normal standards. But for an 11-year-old girl who had to balance buckets full of water on her shoulders while making sure not to fall flat on her face, this was a great feat. This also built her strength, which became evident as her curiosity about weightlifting grew from watching her cousin work out at a local fitness center. He coached her about the fundamentals of lifting. She showed surprising strength. Thus began her journey to the Olympic podium.

Part of the journey was representing the country in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Hidilyn bagged the bronze medal in the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships and a gold medal in the Asian counterpart of this competition. She finally came home victorious on her third Olympic try in 2016, at the age of 25.


Meanwhile, Hidilyn’s journey with USANA began when the same cousin introduced her to the brand.

“I tried Essentials and like it until USANA offered me to be one of their brand ambassadors. I grabbed the opportunity, and they gave me more products to try.”

Between her training as an athlete and her day job as a member of the Philippine Air Force, the days can be very frantic for Hidilyn. “My schedule is very hectic, and sometimes I don’t get enough rest. Pure Rest helps me recover overnight even if I don’t get enough sleep.”

She also takes Procosa, BIOmega, and Essentials before she retires in the evening. “I feel recovered and energized when I wake up. This helps me focus my thoughts and energies on being productive for the day.”

Before she started taking USANA, “I was easily stressed and prone to getting sick. But now that I have a regular supply of USANA products, all I need to do is take Pure Rest and Essentials and I feel rejuvenated the next day.”


Last February 2017, Hidilyn was signed into Team USANA Pilipinas, which consists of 26 of the most elite athletes of the Philippines.

“It is a privilege to be part of this group of Filipino athletes and the more than 1000 global athletes of USANA ambassadors. Before you can even be considered to be part of that group, you go through so much.”

She hopes to be an advocate of USANA for a long time.”For athletes like me, we really need to focus on taking care of our health and fitness. Having a strong body is a lifelong investment. In USANA, I found a partner for success.”


Silver – 2016 Olympic Games

Bronze – 2015 World Weightlifting Championships

Bronze – 2016 Asian Weightlifting Championships

Gold – 2015 Asian Weightlifting Championships

Silver – 2013 Southeast Asian Games

Silver – 2011 Southeast Asian Games

Bronze – 2007 Southeast Asian Games

Reposted with permission, USANA Health Sciences Philippines

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