How to Choose a Martial Art


All across the wide expanse of the internet, hundreds of people ask the question, which is the “best” martial art. People on forums calling themselves “tough-guy” names like “killer” are asking which style of fighting would allow them to “harm” their opponent the quickest. Some ask what is the most “effective” fighting style.

Whilst the internet is a marketplace of ideas and answers, this is one question which can never be answered for you by an anonymous “internet fighting expert”. Instead, to answer this question yourself, you should consider several things.

Why do you want to learn martial arts or any fighting style?

– To look good? If so, kung fu maybe a good option. You ever seen a Bruce Lee film? Its impressive stuff.

– To be able to successfully defend yourself? Krav Maga, or Kapap. Israeli fighting systems designed by Israeli elite commandos. This is accessible, practical, easy to grasp, and proven on the battle field.

The above would be my advice. But, what is effective for one person, maybe useless for another. Many people talk about how impractical “Karate” is for example. It is often written off as a useful martial art. It may surprise you to learn that using Karate, I won my first fight as a young kid. One nicely placed round house kick. Worked wonders. My next fight? Pretty much same thing. Two spin kicks with a round house kick to the face. It worked.

However, just because Karate worked for me, does not mean it works for everyone. Finding out what will work for you will be a matter of trial and error. Many martial arts schools offer free trials. Go and try them out. You have to go and experience it to see what works. Quite often, the teacher teaching you is the biggest factor. How will you ever know what teaching style suits you best if you never go out and EXPERIENCE it?

My advice to you is, ignore the internet chatter, look in the local phone book, and see what works for you.

Most important of all though, stay safe, and take care.