meriza01TOP GUN PINAY!
by Julius “Kenji” Alcantara

On her very first competition in Women’s Bodybuilding, Meriza De Guzman took the Overall Title on the Japan-American Invitational U.S. Armed Forces Bodybuilding Championships held in Yokosuko, Japan. She took on seasoned veteran competitors in the event. She defeated overall champions and consistent first placers in women bodybuilding. A very good show for a “first-timer” in women’s bodybuilding. She’s an inspiration to the female community in Japan and especially an inspiration to the Filipino community. Meriza’s efforts paid off and she was greeted with all the salutations and aspirations of her family, friends and the Filipino community. Meriza is the most popular Filipina in all U.S. Armed forces bases all over Kanto Plain region in Japan.

Meriza De Guzman was born on the 19th of January 1974. Even though she was born in Chicago, Illinois, Meriza spent more than half of her life in the Philippines. She came to the Philippines in 1976 and stayed in Malibay, Pasay while attending both her elementary and high school years in St. Mary’s Academy.

While attending High school in St. Mary’s academy, she was very active in volleyball, gymnastic, and cheerleading. In 1991 she moved back to the United States. She finished 11th and 12th grade in Oxnard in California. On October 1993, Meriza decided to enlist in the U.S. Navy. She works as a Hospital Corpsman. Meriza has good rapport with her co-workers as well as with her patients.

Meriza started working out went she first got to Japan 2 years ago. She decided to work out when she wasn’t comfortable weighing 130lbs at 4’11” and it has been 3 years after she gave birth to her daughter Alexa. Meriza’s mind back then, was not set to become a bodybuilder or to compete in any fitness events, but just to lose weight and get a little bit of tone to be able to score good on the Navy Standard Physical Testing.

Meriza started to get good results a year later. She started to see definitions and muscle mass that made her work harder. Her friends who have experience in bodybuilding competitions came up to her and told her about her potential for competition.

Meriza has doubts about competing, at first. After watching several competitions, she was able to see how fun it was to go up on stage and entertain people with your hard-work-of-art. One month before the competition in Yokosuka, Japan, Meriza finally decided to compete. She only had one month to diet.

She dieted as honest as she can and as disciplined as she can. Dieting like most of the bodybuilders is the hardest for Meriza. Her on-season weight is 97 lbs and her off-season weight was 113 lbs. Her best assets are her shoulders and abs, which she has a workout plan for these two body parts.

Meriza is a fitness trainer certified by Cooper Institute and has a pending Certification from ACE. Meriza has aspirations in the bodybuilding field. Her goal is to get her pro-card 5 years from now. Meriza sees herself being leveled with the Ms. Philippines’ bodybuilder competitors. She has plans to compete in the Philippines were she thinks the competition might be more intense, Musclemania, and looking forward to NPC competitions.

Meriza’s Training Splits
Day 1
Back n Lats / Biceps 20-45 min Cardio / Abs

Day 2
Legs/ Calves/ Shoulders 0 cardio

Day 3
Chest/ Triceps / 20-45 Min Cardio/ Abs

Day 4 off day

Day 5 off day

Repeat Cycle