Last Updated on January 28, 2024, a website dedicated to the sport of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting as well as activities in Fitness, is proud to announce the arrival of Mr. Marvin Ward, a multi-awarded American bodybuilder and current champion of the Bantam Weight Division of various international competitions. Ward will be a guest poser for the IronnMan and IronnMaiden competition to be held on 16 June 2002 at the AFP Theater, 5:00 pm.

During his brief stay in the country, Mr. Ward will be conducting seminars, gym tours, and interviews to help promote bodybuilding.

Ward holds the title of the 2001 Bantam Weight Champion for Team Universe. He also took the Bronze Medal for the Bantam Weight Division in the International Olympic Committee’s World Games held in Akita, Japan in 2001. Having started out as a local champ in New Jersey, Ward continues to maintain a high profile in international competitions with considerable placings in the IFBB World Amateur Championships, and various NPC Competitions in the United States.

Ward is not the first International BodyBuilding Champion brought to you by As a prime mover in the local bodybuilding industry, IronPinoy has brought over the likes of Light Heavyweight Champ Shawn Rhoden, and Muscle Mania International Champ Ade Rai of Indonesia.

Its commitment to the promotion of the Filipino Body Builder has brought IronPinoy to the forefront of the local industry. With active involvement in covering relevant industry events and the organization of MuscleMania Competitions in the Philippines IronPinoy helps bring out the best-built bodies of Filipinos and spotlights them for the world to see.


height: 5′ 2″
weight: contest 140-143.5 lbs
off-season up to 175 lbs

My Credo: “Train to gain!”

2001- Akita,Japan IOC World Games, Bronze Medal, Bantam Class
2001- Team Universe Championships, 1th place, Bantam Class
2000- IFBB World Amateur Championships, 4th place, Bantam Class
2000- Team Universe Championships, 1st place, Bantam Class, and Overall
1999- IFBB World Amateur Championships, Bronze Medalist, Bantam Class
1999- Team Universe Championships, 1st place, Bantam Class
1999- Npc National Championships, 1st place, Bantam Class
1999- Npc East Coast Champioships 1st, Bantam Class
1999- NPC New Jersy State Championships, 1st place ,Bantamweight Class
1998- Npc National Championships, 3rd place, Bantam Class
1998- NPC Golds Classic, 1st place Bantam Class
1998- Mr.Trenton Championships 1st, Short Class
1998- ANBC Gene Johnson’s Championships 1st, Bantam Class
1998- Npc Musclebeach Championships, 2nd LightW Class
1998- Npc New Jersy State 1st, Bantam Class
1990- ANBC Mr.Trenton Championships, 1st Overall Teen