Fitness model is the new bodybuilding

20140930 bbsg
20140930 bbsg

Bodybuilding Singapore, formerly known as the Singapore Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (SBPF), held the inaugural Singapore Fitness Model Search 2014 at the NUS Cultural Center last September 30.

Bodybuilding Singapore president Kevin Chiak deemed the event a rousing success since the participants did their all out best to be like those of Fitness models in magazines. As Mr. Kevin Chiak said “A lot of people enjoyed it. One thing I noticed was that, unlike traditional bodybuilding events, there were actually cat calls from the crowd. “The competitors didn’t have to flex, they came out looking suave and pretty. Next year’s event will definitely be bigger and we plan to segregate the competition by height, so that we can create more platforms for athletes to become champions.” He also added that “Fitness modelling is the new bodybuilding.”

Source and more photos: Asiaone Singapore