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Breon Ansley’s Journey to the 2023 Classic Physique Olympia: Overcoming Weight Limit Challenges


In the realm of Classic Physique bodybuilding, few names shine as brightly as Breon Ansley’s. The former two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion has etched his legacy into the division’s history books, but his path to glory has been fraught with challenges. In this article, we delve into Ansley’s remarkable journey, his decision to stay in the Classic Physique division, and the revamped weight limit that could potentially propel him to a third Olympia title.

The Classic Physique Titan

Breon Ansley, a true titan of Classic Physique bodybuilding, secured the coveted Olympia title in both 2017 and 2018. His chiseled physique and undeniable stage presence made him a force to be reckoned with. However, in 2019, he faced the formidable challenge of Canadian bodybuilder Chris Bumstead and lost his grip on the championship.

Despite relinquishing the title, Ansley remained a top contender in the division, consistently landing in the top five in subsequent Olympia appearances. His dedication and determination were unquestionable, as he strived to regain his former glory.

The Weight Limit Dilemma

One of the most significant hurdles in Breon Ansley’s path to success in the Classic Physique division has been the weight restrictions. When Ansley turned pro in 2013, the weight limit for his height stood at a mere 176.5 lbs. Although this limit was increased to 180 lbs in 2019, the marginal adjustment did little to alleviate Ansley’s struggles.

For nearly a decade, Ansley had to meticulously maintain his weight below 208 lbs to adhere to the Classic Physique limit for the Olympia stage. This constant battle to cut weight without sacrificing muscle mass took a toll on the 43-year-old athlete. It was a relentless challenge that ultimately led him to contemplate a shift to the 212 division.

The New Hope: Revamped Weight Limit

The turning point in Ansley’s journey came with a change in the Classic Physique weight limit for his height. Now set at 187 lbs, this adjustment breathed new life into his aspirations. Ansley had been dropping hints about staying in the division since the announcement, and he finally made the decision to do so.

His rationale was clear: the extra seven pounds could be the key to unlocking a different, winning look. Ansley believed that this adjustment would allow him to retain his hard-earned muscle mass while achieving a fuller, more detailed, and three-dimensional physique.

“I think I am one of the most muscular guys… the most or one of the most muscle-bound physiques up there. So I really think I can capitalize on the amount of muscle that I have with this extra 7lbs… Capitalize on how detailed I come in, the density, the conditioning and my muscle maturity without a doubt,” Ansley asserted.

The Ongoing Challenge

While the increased weight limit offers hope, the journey ahead is no walk in the park. Ansley, currently weighing around 203 lbs, faces the daunting task of shedding 16 lbs in the next seven weeks before the 2023 Olympia.

“I really want to do it in five and a half weeks. I really want to be there a week before weigh-ins. So I’m giving myself five and a half weeks to lose 16 lbs. And I’m going to do it… This is for the win!” Ansley declared with unwavering determination.

On the night of the performance, Ansley aims to tip the scales at 195 to 197 lbs, which is 7 to 10 lbs heavier than the weigh-ins. This strategic approach showcases his confidence in delivering a winning look at this year’s Olympia, as he embraces this competition prep as the toughest challenge of his career.

The Road Ahead

As we eagerly anticipate the 2023 Classic Physique Olympia, all eyes will be on Breon Ansley. His decision to stay in the division, coupled with the adjusted weight limit, promises a spectacle of athleticism, dedication, and unwavering resolve. How this revamped weight limit affects Ansley and the rest of the division remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the Classic Physique stage is set for an electrifying showdown.

ArenaPlus Welcomes Jordan Clarkson as its Official Endorser


In a groundbreaking development that has sent ripples of excitement through the sports world, ArenaPlus, the premier 24/7 online sports betting platform in the Philippines, and the official sports entertainment gateway of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), has proudly unveiled NBA luminary Jordan Clarkson as its latest official endorser. This remarkable collaboration marks yet another high point for the brand, which has recently solidified partnerships with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and GILAS Pilipinas, underlining its commitment to revolutionizing sports entertainment.

Elevating Sports Entertainment

ArenaPlus continues to assert its prominence in the realm of sports entertainment with every stride it takes. With recent milestones including strategic alliances with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and GILAS Pilipinas, the platform has now raised the bar even higher by welcoming none other than NBA sensation Jordan Clarkson into its illustrious fold. But this is not just a mere partnership – it’s a proclamation of ArenaPlus’ dedication to enriching the sports entertainment experience for enthusiasts far and wide.

A Multifaceted Affiliation

In a landscape where collaboration shapes the trajectory of innovation, ArenaPlus stands as a testament to the power of coming together. The platform’s resonance extends beyond basketball, as evidenced by its official gaming partnerships with the Philippine Volleyball League (PVL) and the STL. This dynamic affiliation showcases ArenaPlus’ versatility and its resolute commitment to fostering an all-encompassing hub for sports aficionados.

A Warm Welcome

Rafael Jasper Vicencio, the esteemed President of Total Gamezone Xtreme Inc., extended a warm and hearty reception to Jordan Clarkson, encapsulating the spirit of this landmark endorsement. Vicencio aptly articulated that Clarkson’s association with ArenaPlus signifies the platform’s evolution into a paragon of excellence, delivering top-tier sports entertainment with an unwavering dedication to infuse fun into the lives of Filipinos. “With Jordan’s magnetic presence, the brand embarks on a mission to make world-class basketball entertainment accessible to all, anytime and anywhere,” remarked Mr. Vicencio. As Clarkson joins the national basketball team on their journey to the highly-anticipated FIBA tournament, ArenaPlus stands firmly in his corner, ready to amplify his impact on the global stage.

An Unmissable Spectacle

The ink on the partnership agreement between ArenaPlus and Jordan Clarkson ushers in a thrilling era for basketball enthusiasts. As the countdown begins to the much-anticipated FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, all eyes are on the Philippines, which will play host to this monumental event from August 25 to September 10. The partnership holds the promise of an electrifying sports spectacle, one that will captivate fans and aficionados alike, reaffirming ArenaPlus’ commitment to curating unparalleled sports entertainment experiences.

Stay Tuned, Stay Informed

For ardent sports fans looking to immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of sports, ArenaPlus emerges as the ultimate destination. Not only can you throw your weight behind your favorite teams, but you can also stay abreast of the latest scores and results from a plethora of games worldwide. This immersive experience is at your fingertips, as ArenaPlus has made its user-friendly app available for download on both Google Play and the App Store. Seize the opportunity to be part of the future of sports entertainment.

The synergistic partnership between ArenaPlus and Jordan Clarkson is more than just a collaboration; it’s a testament to the platform’s commitment to redefining sports entertainment. With its unwavering dedication to excellence, strategic alliances with leading sports entities, and a pledge to make sports accessible and thrilling, ArenaPlus has carved a niche for itself as the ultimate haven for sports aficionados. As the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 approaches, the anticipation is palpable – a testament to the platform’s ability to not only entertain but also to unite people under the banner of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Embark on this exhilarating journey with ArenaPlus, where the future of sports entertainment is now.

The ink on the partnership agreement between ArenaPlus and Jordan Clarkson ushers in a thrilling era for basketball enthusiasts.

ArenaPlus Becomes Official Sportsbook Partner of GILAS Pilipinas


In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the world of sports and entertainment, ArenaPlus, the leading 24/7 online sports betting app, has proudly announced a dynamic 2-year collaboration with the Philippines men’s national basketball team, GILAS Pilipinas. This remarkable partnership solidifies ArenaPlus as the official sportsbook partner of GILAS Pilipinas, marking a new era of excitement for basketball enthusiasts across the Philippines. This strategic alliance comes hot on the heels of ArenaPlus’ historic bond with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), securing the prestigious FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 to be hosted in the Philippines.

ArenaPlus Becomes Official Sportsbook Partner of GILAS Pilipinas 6

A Spectacular Convergence: ArenaPlus and GILAS Pilipinas Join Forces

The core essence of this partnership is to deliver an unparalleled basketball experience to the fervent Filipino fan base. With a shared passion for the sport and an unwavering commitment to innovation, ArenaPlus is poised to revolutionize how fans engage with basketball. Andy Tsui, the visionary President of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation, the parent company of ArenaPlus, passionately underscores their dedication to pioneering breakthroughs and elevating the thrill factor for basketball aficionados. “In ArenaPlus, innovation fuels our very essence. We persistently raise the standards by forming alliances with exceptional groups and organizations, just like GILAS Pilipinas. This partnership stands as a testament to our belief in the profound ardor Filipinos hold for basketball. Our goal is to amplify your sports appreciation and introduce an entirely new echelon of exhilaration to your cheering encounters,” Tsui states with conviction.

A Resonating Harmony: GILAS Pilipinas and ArenaPlus Set the Stage

Rafael Jasper Vicencio, the President of Total Gamezone Xtreme Incorporated, warmly extends his gratitude to the establishment while expressing optimism for a triumphant collaboration. “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) for placing their trust in ArenaPlus and bestowing upon us the privilege to stand by GILAS Pilipinas. I eagerly anticipate numerous rewarding engagements with this extraordinary team in the forthcoming two years. Echoing the sentiment of GILAS, ‘Puso,’ we pledge to infuse our hearts into this alliance,” Vicencio conveys with genuine enthusiasm.

Pinnacle of Performance: ArenaPlus Backs GILAS Pilipinas for the FIBA World Basketball Cup 2023

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming FIBA World Basketball Cup 2023, slated to unfold in the Philippines from August 25 to September 10, ArenaPlus steps up as the steadfast supporter of GILAS Pilipinas during this monumental journey. The roster for this year’s competition boasts luminaries like Jordan Clarkson, Kiefer Ravena, Dwight Ramos, Angelo Kouame, and the esteemed ambassador of ArenaPlus, Scottie Thompson. The collective synergy of talent and zeal is set to galvanize basketball aficionados and ignite an unparalleled frenzy of excitement throughout the nation.

Unveiling Unmatched Access: ArenaPlus Unleashes a World of Sports

ArenaPlus emerges as a licensed 24/7 online sports betting app, endorsed by the prestigious Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). This digital marvel provides real-time access to the latest scores and outcomes from a myriad of games spanning the global spectrum, including marquee leagues such as PBA, NBA, and PVL. The synergy between cutting-edge technology and unbridled passion for sports yields an unparalleled avenue for fans to immerse themselves in the pulse of the game. The ArenaPlus App beckons for download from both Google Play and the App Store, ushering in a new era of engagement with the sporting world.

The convergence of ArenaPlus and GILAS Pilipinas signifies an epochal moment that will resonate across the realm of sports and entertainment. This partnership isn’t merely about sponsorship; it’s about kindling an unquenchable fire of enthusiasm within the hearts of fans, bringing them closer to the game they adore. With a commitment to innovation, a shared love for basketball, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ArenaPlus and GILAS Pilipinas embark on a journey that promises to redefine the landscape of sports engagement. As the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 draws near, the fervor intensifies, and fans can look forward to a truly exhilarating experience that transcends boundaries and propels the spirit of basketball to unprecedented heights.

Run for fun, fitness, pets and the environment at Vermosa Green Run


The Vermosa Green Run at Imus, Cavite, Philippines, witnessed a remarkable gathering of 2,500 enthusiastic runners and 256 furry companions who came together to promote fitness, fun, and environmental consciousness.

As runners recycled plastic bottles on-site, they rekindled their love for the environment. This second edition of the Green Run featured various distance categories, including 3K, 5K, 10K, and 21K, with a delightful addition of a 1K Dog Run that attracted numerous dog owners seeking a bonding experience with their pets amidst an adventurous atmosphere.

A Rejuvenated Tradition

The decision to revive the Green Run stemmed from the overwhelming response to the inaugural event. Observing people’s eagerness to embrace an active lifestyle and resume their normal lives in 2022, the organizers received countless requests for another edition this year. To cater to the growing interest in pet-friendly activities, a Dog Run was introduced, acknowledging the increasing number of individuals and families who spent their leisure time with their beloved pets at the venue. The positive and enthusiastic reception to the inclusion of fur babies ensured that the Green Run became an annual tradition set in a vast, pollution-free space.

Championing Health and Wellness

Renowned entertainment celebrity, Valeen Montenegro of GMA, not only participated in both Green Runs but also fervently supported the event. For Valeen, the journey of running has been a transformative experience, reaping physical and mental benefits. The cardiovascular workout aids in burning calories, strengthens bones and muscles, and enhances stamina while inducing a “runner’s high.” Beyond the physical aspects, running has played a significant role in stress management, improved sleep, and boosted energy levels throughout the day. Valeen expressed her fondness for the Green Run’s safe and supportive environment, contributing to her exceptional performance.

The Scenic Playground: Vermosa Estate

The sprawling 740-hectare Vermosa Estate, one of Ayala Land’s largest developments, served as the picturesque backdrop for the Green Run. Known as the newest growth center in the south, the Vermosa Estate embraces a complete mixed-use development approach, complemented by state-of-the-art sports facilities and recreational spaces. Envisioned to be a comprehensive package of residences, malls, offices, educational institutions, places of worship, entertainment venues, sports-lifestyle facilities, government centers, and BPOs, Vermosa advocates an active and healthy lifestyle for its residents and visitors alike.

Green Initiatives: Sustaining Life on Earth

Committed to environmental stewardship, the Green Run donated a portion of its proceeds to the Haribon Foundation’s Adopt-a-Seedling Program. By doing so, the event aimed to raise awareness about the critical need to sustain life on our planet while fostering stronger, fitter, and happier individuals. Participants in the Green Run were not only engaged in personal fitness goals but also contributed to a broader cause, becoming agents of change for the environment.

Partners in Success

The success of the Green Run 2023 would not have been possible without the support of various sponsors and partners who shared the vision for a healthier, greener future. FPG Insurance, MILO Philippines, SunLife, JGO Mart, Doggo Flask, Alaxan, Seda Hotel Nuvali, Merrell, Fitbar, Runnr, Toby’s, Pocari Sweat, Oishi, Equal Sugar, Healtway Qualimed Hospital, and Immuntab Multivitamins all played instrumental roles in making the event a resounding success.

The VGreen Run demonstrated that running is not merely a physical activity but a transformative journey that unites individuals in their pursuit of fitness, fun, and environmental responsibility. Embracing a pet-friendly approach, the event fosters connections with our four-legged companions while cherishing the beauty of nature. With each stride taken at Vermosa, runners and their canine companions contribute to a healthier planet and a brighter future, making the Green Run a celebration of life in its purest form. As this annual tradition continues to flourish, it inspires countless others to join the movement towards a more sustainable and fulfilling existence.

Vermosa Green Run: A Fun-Filled Fitness Event for Humans and Canine Companions


The Vermosa Green Run has undeniably emerged as an extraordinary event that celebrates the joy of running, love for the environment, and the cherished companionship of our canine friends.

With its success and the resolute commitment of the organizers to continue this tradition annually, the Green Run is poised to inspire countless individuals to embrace fitness, eco-consciousness, and a zestful lifestyle. Running enthusiasts, nature lovers, and pet owners alike eagerly anticipate the next edition, eagerly awaiting another heartwarming experience in the sprawling beauty of Vermosa Estate.

The Vermosa Green Run, held in the scenic landscapes of Imus, Cavite, Philippines, witnessed an incredible gathering of 2,500 runners and 256 enthusiastic dogs. This second edition of the event not only promoted fitness and fun but also instilled a deep commitment to the environment by recycling plastic bottles on-site. Featuring a range of distances, from 3K to 21K, the Green Run also introduced a new 1K Dog Run, which saw numerous dog owners bonding with their four-legged companions in a joyous adventure. Let’s delve into the heartwarming experience of this fitness event that celebrates the love for running, the environment, and our furry friends.

Uniting Fitness and Environmental Consciousness

Inspired by the overwhelming response to the inaugural Green Run, the organizers decided to bring it back for a second edition. In 2022, people showed immense eagerness to embrace an active lifestyle and return to their normal routines. The positive feedback led to numerous requests for another event in the subsequent year. Responding to the growing popularity of Vermosa as a recreational spot for families and individuals, the organizers introduced the 1K Dog Run, recognizing the significance of pets in people’s lives.

Vermosa Project Development Manager, Moses Aragones, expressed delight in the event’s success and the remarkable support from the community. He asserted that the Green Run would become an annual tradition in the vast, pollution-free expanse of Vermosa Estate, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Running for a Better Life

The Green Run not only provided an excellent opportunity for physical activity but also acted as a platform for mental well-being. Among the participants was the entertainment celebrity Valeen Montenegro of GMA, an avid supporter of the Green Run and a dedicated runner. In the previous year’s event, she conquered her first half marathon, and this year, she broke her personal record for the 10K run, achieving a Sub 1 pace.

Valeen extolled the manifold benefits of running, both for the body and the mind. Emphasizing its cardiovascular advantages, she highlighted how running efficiently burns calories while simultaneously strengthening bones and muscles. Endurance and the famous “runner’s high” are additional perks that enrich the experience. Moreover, she revealed that running played a pivotal role in managing stress, improving her sleep quality, and boosting her energy levels throughout the day.

The Green Run earned accolades not just for the physical challenges it offered but also for the encouraging and safe atmosphere that enveloped the event. Valeen praised the organizers for creating an environment that empowered participants and promoted camaraderie among fellow runners.

Vermosa Estate: A Thriving Center for Active Living

Spanning an impressive 740 hectares, Vermosa Estate stands as Ayala Land Estates’ fourth-largest development, poised to be the newest growth center in the southern region. Designed as a complete mixed-use complex, it mirrors Ayala Land’s commitment to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through state-of-the-art sports facilities and recreational spaces. The estate encompasses residential areas, commercial malls, office spaces, educational institutions, places of worship, entertainment venues, sports facilities, government centers, and business process outsourcing hubs.

A Green Commitment

In alignment with its dedication to environmental sustainability, Vermosa pledged a portion of the Green Run’s proceeds to Haribon Foundation’s Adopt-a-Seedling Program. By doing so, the event sought to raise awareness about the vital need to preserve life on our planet while encouraging individuals to lead healthier and happier lives.

Sponsorship and Support

The success of the Green Run 2023 was made possible through the generous support of various sponsors and partners. Noteworthy names like FPG Insurance, MILO Philippines, SunLife, JGO Mart, Doggo Flask, Alaxan, Seda Hotel Nuvali, Merrell, Fitbar, Runnr, Toby’s, Pocari Sweat, Oishi, Equal Sugar, Healtway Qualimed Hospital, and Immuntab Multivitamins joined hands to contribute to this remarkable event.

Be Proud: How You Can Save a Life by Signing Up for Blood Stem Cell Donation


Saving a life is one of the most heroic and compassionate acts a person can perform. One way to achieve this noble goal is by signing up for blood stem cell donation. In this article, we will explore the significance of blood stem cell donation, its life-saving potential, and how you can get involved in this altruistic endeavor.

What is Blood Stem Cell Donation?

Blood stem cell donation is a medical procedure that involves collecting and transplanting blood stem cells to treat patients with life-threatening diseases, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood-related disorders. These stem cells have the remarkable ability to regenerate and rebuild a patient’s immune system, offering a chance of recovery and renewed hope for those in need.

The Life-Saving Impact

For individuals battling life-threatening diseases, finding a compatible blood stem cell match is often their only chance of survival. Without this vital treatment option, their prospects may be limited, and their lives might be cut short. By becoming a blood stem cell donor, you have the incredible opportunity to offer the gift of life to someone in desperate need.

Becoming a Blood Stem Cell Donor

1. Eligibility Criteria

To become a blood stem cell donor, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. These criteria may include age restrictions, overall health requirements, and specific guidelines set by donation organizations. Don’t worry; in most cases, the criteria are straightforward, allowing a wide range of people to participate in this life-changing act.

2. Registration Process

The registration process is simple and can usually be completed online. You will need to provide some personal information and agree to be listed as a potential donor. Your information will be added to a database, and if you are a match for a patient in need, you will be contacted for further testing.

3. The Donation Procedure

If you are identified as a potential match for a patient, further testing will be conducted to ensure compatibility. If you are found to be the best match, you may be asked to donate your blood stem cells. There are two primary methods of donation:

a) Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) Donation

In PBSC donation, the blood stem cells are collected from the donor’s bloodstream. The donor receives injections for several days to increase the number of stem cells in the bloodstream, and then a special machine separates and collects the stem cells. This is a non-surgical and outpatient procedure.

b) Bone Marrow Donation

Bone marrow donation involves the extraction of stem cells from the back of the donor’s pelvic bone under general anesthesia. Although this method requires a brief hospital stay, it is a safe and well-established procedure.

4. The Impact of Your Donation

Once you’ve completed the donation process, the collected blood stem cells will be given to the patient in need. Your selfless act can potentially save a life, providing the recipient with renewed hope and a chance to overcome their illness.

By signing up for blood stem cell donation, you can make a profound difference in the lives of those battling life-threatening diseases. Your willingness to help and your dedication to saving lives make you a hero. Embrace the opportunity to be proud of the impact you can create by giving someone a chance at life through this remarkable act of kindness.

Embracing the Be The Match Registry is an effortless endeavor. After enrolling online, you shall be dispatched a swab kit, which, in turn, you are to duly return via mail. Throughout the process, the tenets of respecting pronouns and gender identity are meticulously upheld.

As one enlists in the registry, inquiries about their sexual orientation remain conspicuously absent. However, should you emerge as a suitable match for a patient, you shall be obliged to complete a health history questionnaire mandated by the FDA. This questionnaire does encompass inquiries regarding sexual behavior.

This year, revel in the essence of Pride by paying a visit to BeTheMatch.com/Pride. Therein, you shall gain profound insights into the enrollment procedure and the intricacies of blood stem cell donation. Your robust blood stem cells harbor the potential to bestow a cure upon an individual grappling with blood cancer or other perilous ailments.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Does blood stem cell donation cause any health risks to the donor? A: The donation process is generally safe and well-regulated. Donors may experience some discomfort during the PBSC donation due to the injections, but these are temporary and mild.
  2. Q: How long does it take to recover after donating bone marrow? A: The recovery period after bone marrow donation typically lasts a few days. Donors may experience some soreness at the donation site, but it subsides quickly.
  3. Q: Can I back out after registering as a potential donor? A: Yes, you can withdraw your registration at any time before being identified as a match for a patient. There is no obligation to proceed with donation if you change your mind.
  4. Q: Are there any costs involved in becoming a blood stem cell donor? A: No, registering as a potential blood stem cell donor is free. If you are identified as a match and proceed with donation, all expenses related to the procedure will be covered by the patient’s medical insurance.
  5. Q: Can I donate blood stem cells multiple times? A: Yes, in some cases, donors may be asked to donate again if they are found to be a match for another patient in the future. However, the frequency of donation is subject to medical evaluations.

ArenaPlus proudly announces partnership with FIBA for the World Basketball Cup 2023

ArenaPlus Logo

ArenaPlus, a leading online sports betting platform in the country, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the International Basketball Association (FIBA) for the highly anticipated World Basketball Cup 2023. Supported by TV5 Cignal Ultra, ArenaPlus has become the official sportsbook partner for this historic event.

A Collaboration of Three Nations

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 is a momentous occasion, as it marks the first-ever collaboration among three countries: Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines. This exciting partnership brings immense joy and anticipation not only to ArenaPlus but also to the passionate Filipino fans who eagerly await the opportunity to create unforgettable, world-class basketball memories with FIBA.

Andy Tsui, the President of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation, expressed his belief in the Filipinos’ love for basketball. He stated, “I truly believe that basketball is indeed loved by the Filipinos. Hence, FIBA alongside ArenaPlus will surely enhance your sports appreciation and provide a distinct fun and exciting experience while cheering for your team.”

Delivering an Exceptional Basketball Experience

This partnership is dedicated to ensuring that every Filipino basketball fan enjoys an exceptional and entertaining FIBA World Basketball Cup experience. ArenaPlus firmly believes in providing our kababayans with the best and world-class basketball experience they truly deserve. Our goal is to bring heightened excitement and top-quality basketball entertainment to our kababayans, fostering connections within communities and spreading joy throughout the nation.

Rafael Jasper Vicencio, President of Total Gamezone Xtreme Inc., guarantees the best and highest quality betting experience. He affirms, “We assure you that we will add more hype and elevate your FIBA experience. Together with our first athlete endorser, Scottie Thompson, who is present here today, you can be certain that we only provide the finest and most enjoyable betting entertainment service.”

Celebrating Basketball Excellence

ArenaPlus invites all basketball fans and enthusiasts to join in celebrating the pinnacle of basketball excellence at the FIBA Basketball World Cup, scheduled to take place in August and September 2023. Let’s come together and make history, forging enduring basketball memories that will be treasured by fans for years to come. ArenaPlus, Astig sa Sports!


1. What is ArenaPlus? ArenaPlus is a leading online sports betting platform in the country that offers a 24/7 service. It keeps users updated with the latest scores and results from various sports worldwide.

2. What is the World Basketball Cup 2023? The World Basketball Cup 2023 is a highly anticipated event that marks the collaboration among three countries: Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines. It showcases top-tier basketball talent and provides an unforgettable experience for fans.

3. How does ArenaPlus contribute to the FIBA World Basketball Cup experience? ArenaPlus, as the official sportsbook partner, aims to deliver an exceptional and entertaining basketball experience to Filipino fans. They believe in providing the best and world-class basketball entertainment to their users.

4. Who is the athlete endorser for ArenaPlus? Scottie Thompson, a renowned athlete, is the first endorser for ArenaPlus. His presence and support add to the quality and enjoyment of the betting entertainment service.

5. How can I download the ArenaPlus App? You can download the ArenaPlus App from Google Play and the App Store. It offers a convenient way to access the latest scores, results, and betting options for various sports.


ArenaPlus is a 24/7 online sports betting app licensed by the Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). It keeps you updated with all the latest scores and results from hundreds and thousands of games worldwide, including PBA, NBA, PVL, and more. ArenaPlus is an affiliate of BingoPlus and a subsidiary of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation. Download the ArenaPlus App now on Google Play and the App Store.

Powerman Malaysia: The Thrilling Fusion of Athletics and Cycling in Putrajaya!


Powerman Malaysia, the largest duathlon in the world, is preparing for an exceptional edition scheduled to take place from June 16th to 18th in the breathtaking city of Putrajaya. This eagerly anticipated event not only showcases the finest athletes from around the globe but also embraces participants of all skill levels, creating an all-inclusive and internationally renowned extravaganza for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Powerman Malaysia has built a reputation as a worldwide sporting phenomenon, attracting participants from every corner of the earth. With its emphasis on inclusivity, athletes of varying abilities are encouraged to join, ranging from seasoned professionals to novice duathlon enthusiasts. This year’s event will witness an extraordinary demonstration of international talent and dedication, as athletes from diverse backgrounds and cultures converge to push their limits and achieve personal triumphs.

Beyond the competitive element, Powerman Malaysia offers a distinctive experience for individuals seeking an active and captivating weekend. Spectators and participants alike will have the chance to witness exhilarating races, cheer on their favorite athletes, and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the event. The racecourse, thoughtfully designed to showcase the scenic beauty of Putrajaya, provides a thrilling backdrop for athletes and spectators to enjoy.

Powerman Malaysia 2023 strives to foster an inclusive atmosphere that bridges the gap between professional athletes and ordinary individuals who share a passion for fitness and endurance sports. Whether participating or spectating, attendees will have access to a range of engaging activities, including health and wellness exhibitions, interactive workshops, and opportunities to engage with industry experts and renowned athletes.

“We are thrilled to host Powerman Malaysia 2023 in Putrajaya and extend a warm welcome to athletes and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe,” expressed Jeff Ross, the Race Director at Fresh Events Asia. “This event epitomizes the spirit of inclusivity, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of sportsmanship and personal achievement. We invite everyone to join us for an unforgettable weekend filled with athleticism, camaraderie, and celebration.”

Powerman Malaysia 2023 promises to be a truly international event, highlighting the talents and aspirations of athletes while providing an exhilarating experience for attendees. From elite athletes striving for glory to everyday enthusiasts seeking inspiration and a sense of accomplishment, Powerman Malaysia unites people and celebrates the indomitable spirit of human endeavor.

Registration and Tickets Click Here

2022 PowerMan Malaysia Gallery

Get started on your fitness journey without breaking the bank at the Lazada Run!


Enjoy discounted rates on the Lazada Run during Lazada’s 6.6 Wow Sulitipid Sale

Running is often considered one of the most accessible forms of exercise and a great way to get fit—all you need is a good pair of running shoes and the great outdoors!

Now, what better way to kickstart a new fitness activity than by signing-up for the upcoming Lazada Run on July 2, 2023 at the SM Mall of Asia?

On June 6, tickets will go on sale for ONE DAY ONLY during Lazada’s 6.6 Wow Sulitipid Sale! Make sure to register and enjoy a WOW discount of up to 10% off on 21KM, 10KM and 5KM categories and the 1KM Kid’s Run.

You can also avail of WOW deals with discounted group rates, which you can enjoy with these easy steps:

STEP 1: Identify your group discount category, sign up and check the waiver process!

Race Category30 pax above15-29 pax5-14 pax
21 KMPhp 1,350Php 1,400Php 1,450
10 KMPhp 950Php 1,000Php 1,050
5 KMPhp 850Php 900Php 950
Kid’s 1 KMPhp 350Php 400Php 400


Be sure to check out the FAQs page as well as the TERMS AND CONDITIONS page.

STEP 2: Settle payment 

Send an email to [email protected] and copy [email protected] with the subject “[Company Name/Group Representative Name_LazadaRun 2023]” and include the discount tiering and amount breakdown per race category in the body. 

Only one representative per email or group must send the email. You will receive a billing confirmation from Run Rio. Once confirmed, the group representative must pay via bank transfer and email proof of payment.

STEP 3: Collect your race packs!

All joiners, including those who signed up individually, can pick up their race packs at Block 16 / SM Concert Grounds at the SM Mall of Asia Complex on June 29 – 30 (Thursday – Friday, 2PM – 10PM) and July 1 (Saturday, 9AM – 5PM)

At the Lazada Run media launch last April 26, Coach Corinne of 808 Studio agreed that running is a great form of exercise for any budget and every fitness level. While she prefers dance, “What I’m looking forward to the most [during the Lazada Run] is seeing everyone achieve their goals and just be happy to be there–it’s the community aspect”, she shares.

“When I think of fitness, I think of me-time”, said Bea Fabregas-Ramos, an events host, radio DJ, mom of one, and online fitspiration. Chuck Aquino and Joe Abad, TikTok content creators and fellow fitness enthusiasts also love staying fit and working out as a form of self-care. “Fitness is not just about getting in shape but feeling healthy”, they said at the launch.

Take some inspiration from Bea, Chuck & Joe, and Coach Corinne, and sign-up for the run now!

Registration for the Lazada Run will end on June 27, 2023, or until slots run out, whichever comes first. The Lazada Run promises to be a WOW, one-of-a-kind experiential run you wouldn’t want to miss, so gather your family and friends and take advantage of the sulit 6.6 fees and discounted group rates available! 

For more information, visit the Lazada Run Page via the Lazada App, and the official Lazada Run Philippines Facebook  Page.

Vermosa Green Run returns with a deeper commitment to the environment and an added run for dogs


After a successful event last year, the highly-anticipated Vermosa Green Run will return to the Vermosa Estate on June 25. This year’s theme, “We’re Back And Greener Than Ever”, signals the event’s heightened commitment to the environment.

The Green Run 2023

The annual running event is aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle and a deeper appreciation for the environment. In a notable addition to this year’s event, the organizers have included a run specifically for dogs, allowing pet owners to participate with their furry companions.

The 2023 Vermosa Green Run includes five different running events, catering to different fitness levels. Participants can choose to compete in the 21K, 10K, 5K, 3K, or the 1K Dog Run. This event, renowned for its breadth of participants, is expected to draw in celebrity runners, athletes, and dog owners alike.

The Green Run, organized by Pinoy Fitness, will donate its proceeds to Haribon Foundation’s Adopt-a-Seedling Program, underlining its commitment to environmental sustainability. Participants and guests can contribute to the cause by recycling their plastic bottles at the Sun Life ReCycle PH machine stationed at the venue. Points earned from the recycling initiative can be exchanged for prizes.

The run’s official non-life insurance partner, FPG Insurance, will offer free group personal accident insurance to those who register for the event.

Monch Henares, an award-winning journalist and travel blogger, highlighted the unique appeal of the event. He noted the lush scenery and abundant foliage of the 750-hectare property, stating that running in such an environment can significantly benefit one’s physical and mental health.

Arabelle Jimenez, a lifestyle blogger and swimming coach who regularly runs in Vermosa for fitness, endorsed the running routes at Vermosa, praising its open spaces, wide pedestrian walkways, and bicycle and jogging lanes.

Lani Tan, Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub General Manager, reiterated Vermosa’s commitment to promoting sports and an active, healthy lifestyle, as reflected in their yearly organization of the Green Run.

Further emphasizing the event’s mission to encourage a fitness-oriented lifestyle, Vermosa Project Development Manager Moses John Aragones stated, “This year, we want to build on that newfound appreciation by inviting people to develop a habit for fitness and wellness. Physical activities like running really boost our immune system by providing more refreshing experiences that reduce stress.”

The Green Run is supported by Pocari Sweat, Milo, Fitbar, and Merrell Shoes this year. Interested participants can register at Toby’s or Runnr stores, or online at ayalaland.myruntime.com.


Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub (AVSH) is located within Ayala Land’s sprawling 750-hectare estate along Daang Hari Road, Imus, Cavite.  It brings together residential, retail, commercial spaces, and a school all within the estate.  AVSH highlights an active lifestyle by offering athletes a number of sports facilities and wellness amenities including the nine-lane 400-meter track and field oval, football field, Olympic-size lap pool, warm-up pool, The Athlete’s Lounge, a gym operated by Sante Fitness Lab, and green open spaces. With its state-of-the-art features, AVSH is home to some National Sports Associations and renowned teams in the country.