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It is true that coffee can help you live longer and avoid cardiovascular disease, with a few caveats.

It has been discovered that consuming two to three cups of coffee—ground, instant, or decaf—may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and, consequently,...


Walk for Your Health

Brisk walking is great exercise, and like other endurance exercises, it can increase your heart rate and breathing. Endurance exercises keep you healthy, improve...
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Mastering the Basics: Essential Fitness Equipment for Home Workouts

Congratulations! You've decided to take the plunge into the world of home workouts, avoiding the gym membership fees and the eternal struggle to find...

Fit Facts: What a client and a personal trainer should know

There has been a lot of debate recently about whether a personal trainer should or should not discuss nutrition with their clients. Liability issues...

The San Mig Light Diliman Endurance Challenge 2002

RESULTS 5K FUN RUN November 9, 2002 OVERALL TIMES RACE NUMBER NAME AGE SEX TIME 114 Maquez, Romeo 32 m 0:18:34 115 Ricamunda, Noel 20 m 0:18:39 131 Paje, Raymund 35 m 0:18:42 116 Lapasigue, Edgar 28 m 0:19:12 140 Cedullo, Rolando 33 m 0:19:23 102 Cruz, Leian A. 22 m 0:21:40 117 Guliman, Noel 20 m 0:21:40 118 Adano Michael 19 m 0:21:42 143 Atasan, Raffy 50 m 0:22:48 133 Venger, Edsel 19 m 0:23:02 146 Candelaria, Mon Andrew 15 m 0:23:03 203 Relox, Liza 34 f 0:23:20 121 Dematera, Danny 32 m 0:23:29 129 Nievera, Patric 28 m 0:23:37 120 Ano,...

It’s no longer business as usual at Herbalife: An inside look at the $200 million FTC settlement

Multi-level marketer Herbalife will pay $200 million back to people who were taken in by what the FTC alleges were misleading moneymaking claims. But...


We have all seen health club regulars who never miss a day of working out yet never seem to make any improvements in their bodies. Fortunately,...

Powerman Malaysia: The Thrilling Fusion of Athletics and Cycling in Putrajaya!

Powerman Malaysia, the largest duathlon in the world, is preparing for an exceptional edition scheduled to take place from June 16th to 18th in...

Fit and Fab: 7-Day Body Transformation Challenge for Beginners

Are you ready to kick-start your journey to a fitter, healthier you? Welcome to the Fit and Fab: 7-Day Body Transformation Challenge for Beginners!...

FAKE is the New NORMAL

These series of articles dealing with FAKE products in the industry has been put off for several years now. It has been a chronic...


Pancreatic cancer: Know your family, know your risk

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly cancers, with a mere 29 percent one-year survival rate. In 2016, pancreatic cancer became the third...

Healthy Swimming Year-Round

Pools, waterparks, hot tubs/spas, splash pads, and water playgrounds are great places to have fun, be active, or just relax. Having fun while you...

DOH, WHO hold Virtual Summit on Childhood Cancer

The Department of Health (DOH), in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) Philippines, will hold the 1st DOH-WHO Cancer Control Stakeholders Virtual Summit...

Probiotic/Prebiotic Combination Reduces Behavioral Symptoms Associated With Stress

A synbiotic (a probiotic plus a prebiotic) can scale back behavioral signs related to stress by normalizing the populations of microorganisms within the intestine...

Past Articles

Boyet Andaca – Mr. Philippines 2000

Boyet Andaca, also known as Aquilino Andaca Jr., was the current Mr. Philippines for 2000, and this was his second consecutive year holding the...

Slimmers World Great Bodies 2000 Gallery

October 31, 2000 AFP Theater, Quezon City


Dan Duchaine, in the past decade, has lived the sort of life we read about in pulpy suspense bestsellers. Yet there's nothing glamorous about...

Ironnman and Ironnmaiden 2000 Gallery

December 2, 2000 Greenhills Theater

2000 PBSF Bodybuilding Gallery

December 17, 2000, Pope Pius Theater, 1175 United Nations Ave, Paco, Manila, 1007 Metro Manila

Know your body type for an effective exercise and lose weight

Embarking on the journey to fitness is more than just lifting weights or hitting the treadmill. It's a personalized experiment where individuals, acting as...

The Ultimate 5-Day Bodybuilding Workout

Embarking on a 5-day bodybuilding workout journey requires commitment, and for those of you with the dedication to hit the gym five days a...

EDDIE TORRES The Strongest Man in the Philippines

It has been a long while since I saw a competition in Powerlifting. It was ages ago. When I first saw Eddie Torres in...

Mayor’s Cup 2001 Gallery

April 21, 2001, Dasmarinas Cavite

PFBB Mr. Philippines 2001 Results

April 28, 2001 Pope Pius CenterOFFICIAL RESULTSCLICK HERE FOR GALLERY Contestant No.NameStandingFly Weight Division492Fernando FarodenRomualdo BarsonAnacleto Meralpis1st2nd3rdBantam Weight Division101814Michael BurinagaWinfield FanaoNestor Bihagan1st2nd3rdLight Weight Division302827Ronaldo AguiluzAlbert...

PFBB Mr. Philippines 2001 Gallery

April 28, 2001, Pope Pius Theater

Ginoong Rizal 2001 Gallery

May 6, 2001, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

Muscleman Tutuban 2001 Gallery

May 30, 2001, 3rd Level of Centermall Tutuban CenterBinondo, Manila