Winning the Race Against Breast Cancer

Santé Barley TriTeam’s Sheilla Gagui shares how she deals with breast cancer amid the new normal When you are at your fittest, you would not...


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    Kristine Yu

    I asked some standard questions that are relevant to us readers. I am really impressed by her. Her cooperation in answering these questions was...

    Fit Facts: What a client and a personal trainer should know

    There has been a lot of debate recently about whether a personal trainer should or should not discuss nutrition with their clients. Liability issues...

    Meng Bo Calls Out Denice Zamboanga, Wants Her Spot in Rankings

    Fresh off a hard-earned unanimous decision victory over Samara Santos at ONE: UNBREAKABLE on 22 January, #2-ranked women’s atomweight mixed martial arts contender Meng...

    What to Expect from the Top Fitness Gadgets of 2022

    Fitness gadgets are not only for techies and geeks. They can be useful for everyone, from the novice to the pro. They can help...

    Fit Earth, Fit All!

    Fit Earth, Fit All, one of Capable’s first projects, started in 2008 as Fitness ng Bayan, a series of weekly aerobics routines carried out in...

    10 Baby Steps to Launch Your Motivation to Application

    Hey fitness enthusiasts, are you ready to kick your motivation into high gear and make those gym goals a reality? 🏋️‍♂️ Welcome to "10...

    Machines versus Free Weights

    You may have heard that free weights (like dumbbells, barbells, and other weight plates) are better for building your chest than machines. Well, that’s...

    Iloilo City bans Bikini Open Shows

    The city council of Iloilo City finally approved an ordinance banning bikini open shows, or any similar events. On the report of GMA Iloilo’s reporter Mark Nunieza,...


    Decoding Destiny: How DNA Testing by Dante Labs Predicts Your Health Future

    Imagine having a crystal ball that not only predicts your future but also suggests ways to alter it. Well, it's not magic; it's the...

    Run for fun, fitness, pets and the environment at Vermosa Green Run

    The Vermosa Green Run at Imus, Cavite, Philippines, witnessed a remarkable gathering of 2,500 enthusiastic runners and 256 furry companions who came together to...

    Be Proud: How You Can Save a Life by Signing Up for Blood Stem Cell Donation

    Saving a life is one of the most heroic and compassionate acts a person can perform. One way to achieve this noble goal is...

    What does a middle age man do when he has diabetes?

    Losing weight can be a challenging task for anyone, but it can be even more difficult for men in their 50s who have been...

    Unveiling the Extraordinary Venues of the Olympic Games Paris 2024

    In a mere six months, happening from July 26 to August 11, 2024, the grandeur of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be unveiled...

    BingoPlus renews partnership with PBA, recommits support for basketball and sports in general

    BingoPlus, the official Bingo partner of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), has renewed its partnership with the league, ensuring that Filipino fans can continue to actively...

    ArenaPlus Welcomes Jordan Clarkson as its Official Endorser

    In a groundbreaking development that has sent ripples of excitement through the sports world, ArenaPlus, the premier 24/7 online sports betting platform in the...

    ArenaPlus Becomes Official Sportsbook Partner of GILAS Pilipinas

    In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the world of sports and entertainment, ArenaPlus, the leading 24/7 online sports betting app, has...

    ArenaPlus proudly announces partnership with FIBA for the World Basketball Cup 2023

    ArenaPlus, a leading online sports betting platform in the country, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the International Basketball Association (FIBA) for the...
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